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14th Anniversary! Post 5 in a series

Okay, New Hampshire State Police, Mr. Jeff Strelzin, and anyone else at all involved in the Stacey Burns murder case from fourteen years ago: Yes, it is fourteen years ago that Stacey was stabbed to death in her bedroom. Yes, for a long time, the general public was...

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The Stacey Burns Murder Case-post 4 of a series

Tomorrow is May 1, now just nine days to the dreadful fourteenth anniversary of the murder of Stacey Burns in 2009.I would love to include thoughts and comments on this blog from anyone I interviewed over the last 13 years. As most people know, my intent was to write...

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The Stacey Burns Murder Case-post 3 of a series

I've been kindly and deservedly chastised for failing to post on this blog since April 3rd. I need to work on my time schedule a bit! My apologies to fans out there!Now, a second apology-I allowed the 5000th day anniversary of Stacey's murder to pass without mention...

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The Stacey Burns Murder Case-post 2 of a series

Blissful ignorance? Here's a short selection from a chapter called "Sunday Morning-7:45-11:00" on page fifty-six of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns (the first draft)"Living life in blissful ignorance can be a blessing of the highest order, and...

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The Stacey Burns Murder Case-post 1 of a series

This is the first official post on this blog with the newly revised and updated website. Check out www.dukesouthard.com for literally hundreds of posts and comments about the Stacey Burns murder, now coming up on fourteen years ago. (May 9/10, 2009)Some would rather I...

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A Return of my Blog

As of today, my newly revised website is up and running. To recognize this fact, I am announcing a return to adding posts to the over six hundred already available. My first official post will appear tomorrow- the title?What Ever Happened To The Stacey Burns Murder...

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Tainted Justice Progress Report

My newest book, Tainted Justice, released in late October, has been receiving good reports. I'd like to remind everyone how important Amazon ratings and reviews are for authors. Even a simple star rating helps a book garner attention in those nebulous Amazon...

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4970 Sunsets Stacey Missed

A previous post in late October mentioned the sad fact that Stacey Burns had then missed 4922 sunsets since her brutal murder in May of 2009. Tonight, when the sun goes down over the beautiful snow-covered town of Wolfeboro, Stacey will miss her 4970th sunset. Will...

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4922, But Stacey Missed It

When the sun rose this morning, it began the 4,922nd day since Stacey Burns stopped seeing sunrises. The sunrise also marks 4,922 days since the New Hampshire State Police began their investigation into her vicious murder, which is now on the list of cold case...

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Tainted Justice-New Book

Tainted Justice, my newest novel, is now available on Amazon and other retail sources in paperback and e-book formats. See the book tab at the top of the page for a direct link to it on Amazon.

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Friday night? Saturday morning? 13 Plus Years Ago

As mentioned in recent post, I am reading portions of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns to the Green Valley Writers Forum, a small group of professional and beginning writers who act as a critique group. This week, I read the beginning of the...

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Nine years, Four Months

In May, 2013, the Stacey Burns murder story and my efforts to write a book about it was featured in a front page  article in our local paper out here in Arizona. At that time, I was immersed in writing  Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. When...

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