Okay, New Hampshire State Police, Mr. Jeff Strelzin, and anyone else at all involved in the Stacey Burns murder case from fourteen years ago:

Yes, it is fourteen years ago that Stacey was stabbed to death in her bedroom. Yes, for a long time, the general public was told that work, intense, hard work, was being conducted to find the person who committed the crime. And, yes, her murder now is listed along with well over a hundred unsolved homicides among the cold case files on the NHSP website.

My major question on this sad, terrible, and inexcusable day is this: Where is the outrage generated by this crime when it happened?

Have folks moved on? Is this a case that will never be solved? Are the investigators still “hard at work” finding the killer? Are the investigators waiting for the killer to make a mistake, as we were told in a newspaper article about eight years ago?

I hope all enjoy the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend. Stacey should have been enjoying it right along with you!

May you rest in peace, Stacey Burns, and may your killer finally and soon receive exactly what he or she deserves.