Agent for Justice

Agent for Justice brilliantly dramatizes the fascinating life of Bradford Wallace and his dark descent from idealist to avenger. He begins his career in education as a dedicated and sensitive teacher in Hampton Village, Connecticut during the early sixties. While war, assassinations, and personal strife occur, Brad’s idealism begins to unravel into a state of psychological unrest. He declares himself the individual who must revenge the injustices in the world and his life.

During Brad’s early teaching years, he forms a camaraderie with six other teachers, referring to themselves as “the magnificent seven.” He marries Josie, one of the seven, who experiences the first of many injustices that turns Brad to his “black periods.” She goes into premature labor, delivering a stillborn infant. After they bury the infant, Brad frequently visits the grave of their son to discuss his revenge. During these black periods, Brad continues to maintain a successful career, and even leaves his close knit group to assume an administrative position with the Hartford City School District.

Brad’s life is marked by one disillusioning event after another that drain his early idealism and force him to begin a descent into frightening mental instability.

Detective Parker Havenot enters the scene after an unusual accident that nearly kills the doctor who Brad blamed for his “son’s” premature birth. As the detective becomes more involved, he realizes the complexity of Bradford Wallace. When Brad is forced into early retirement after refusing to take part in the political games of his superintendent, he also loses his marriage. Brad’s ultimate revenge climaxes on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire where he seeks “final” justice for the inequities he has endured.