On June 24, 2023, I posted “an open letter” to New Hampshire Law Enforcement asking just two basic questions about the Stacey Burns murder case, now fourteen years ago. In brief summary, here they are. 1. After fourteen years of investigation in the Stacey Burns murder case, has any one of the original “persons of interest” been ruled out as a suspect? 2. Will the general public ever hear again from law enforcement as to progress made in the investigation over those fourteen years?

Of course, there are many reasons why I wouldn’t receive answers to these simple questions. You pick your own.

In an attempt to find answers to these and so many others that have gone unanswered or ignored over the last twelve years (since I became involved), I decided to take a dramatic step. Today, I mailed, via certified letter, a request under New Hampshire RSA 91, the so-called right to know law, for pertinent records during certain important time periods in the investigation. Theoretically and legally, such a request generates a timely response. We will see.

Has anyone else out there taken this step as well?

I will be sure to post on this blog the minute I hear the response to the request. Anyone care to guess how this will turn out?