Tomorrow is May 1, now just nine days to the dreadful fourteenth anniversary of the murder of Stacey Burns in 2009.
I would love to include thoughts and comments on this blog from anyone I interviewed over the last 13 years. As most people know, my intent was to write a book about this case with any “profits/proceeds” to go the Burns children foundation. Also, as most of you know, that book is stalled, obviously because there are no conclusive chapters to write.
Stacey’s murderer still walks free.
I often hear of long cold murder cases being solved, most being complicated or complex. Is this where Stacey’s murder case will languish? It has already been fourteen years and, on the face of it, the case certainly doesn’t appear to be that complex.
Would anyone, police included, care to comment on progress over the years? How about the lack of progress? How about the fact that, despite all the claims by investigators that hard work was continuing over the years, there is little evidence we are closer to seeing Stacey’s killer behind bars?
Please feel free to comment. There simply has to be someone who could put this case to rest. I’m positive there is at least one-Stacey’s murderer- but a confession would require far more courage than that person has.