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Author of two novels, one memoir and one nonfiction commissioned history Born in New Jersey, lived in New Hampshire for forty years, then moved to Arizona full time in 2009 Current president of the Santa Cruz Valley Chapter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Public school educator for thirty five years.

Nothing New, Right?

Since my new novel ( a work in progress) has a fledgling writer who is trying to write a true crime book as its protagonist, I thought I’d reprise a post from this blog published just about a month ago. This is it.

The last I heard re: the Stacey Burns murder investigation was that a NHSP detective had been assigned to the case full time. I’m not sure if this information is correct, but if it is, I wonder how his work is proceeding.

I’m sure many, many people have been interviewed again and every scrap of evidence is… Continue reading

What A Trip!

Recently back from a great trip-drove over 6600 miles round trip to a great family vacation/celebration of our upcoming (September) 60th wedding anniversary in Deep Creek, Maryland and visits to friends in New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Barb’s brother in Connecticut.

A total of twenty-six days on the road with some stops along the way- not bad for a pair of oldsters and our little blind doggie!

None of the following offset the joy of seeing so many people we love and cherish, but we did, of course, run into a few of our pet peeves about automobile travel. For… Continue reading

How’s that investigation going?

I haven’t posted since the end of May on this blog. I post regularly on a writers’ blog (http://prowriterswriting.com) if anyone is interested. My post appears every Tuesday.

The last I heard re: the Stacey Burns murder investigation was that a NHSP detective had been assigned to the case full time. I’m not sure if this information is correct, but if it is, I wonder how his work is proceeding.

I’m sure many, many people have been interviewed again and every scrap of evidence is being reexamined.

Any of those many, many people care to comment about the latest contact… Continue reading

Been a while . . .

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog so I should catch you all up to date.

First, as any regular reader knows, the category of Murder in a Small Town is active but nothing new from my point of view will be posted there unless something new happens in the Stacey Burns murder case. I’ve heard that a full time NHSP detective has been assigned to the case, so I’m sure all the pertinent people in Wolfeboro are being interviewed again as we speak, no doubt leaving no stone unturned, as they say. Likely, as I heard… Continue reading


 First, my apologies- I said this blog was finished with the Stacey Burns murder as of the TENTH anniversary of her death. I leave it up to you folks in Wolfeboro to have your annual memorials and runs and walks and whatever else. I’m sure there will be others on the eleventh anniversary and the twelfth and thirteenth etc. etc..  . However, I received a message about a tip sent to the NHSP regarding the Stacey Burns murder that spurred me to respond. The tip was not new to me. Here is my response.

I was told this… Continue reading

May 10, 2019-The End of Murder in a Small Town

On the tenth anniversary of the vicious, cowardly murder of Stacey Burns, this blog will discontinue the category titled “Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns.”

Those who have followed this blog will still be able to read all of my posts under that category (well over five hundred!) by simply going to my website (www.dukesouthard.com) and selecting the category in the right hand column.

The book, which I had the best of intentions to complete when I first started it in 2010, will reside in a reserved space on my computer and a storage device.… Continue reading

May 10, 2009 & May 14, 1992- What if?

On Sunday morning , I played golf with a special friend and his son. The joy as we navigated the course was interrupted and tempered by a huge fit of melancholia as I thought about the “what if’s?” of life. I would have given anything t0 be in that foursome with my son as my partner as well. Ten years or twenty seven years- there is still the universal truth that remains.

Coming up on the 27th year anniversary of our son’s death at age 29, we remain devastated. I’m sure that all of Stacey Burns’ family and friends feel… Continue reading

What exactly would you have me do?

Interesting responses to my post re: 3/31/19 as being the end of this blog as far as post for the Stacey Burns murder case is concerned.

I’ve approved all of them so you can read them should you be interested at www.dukesouthard.com.

Here is my dilemma: what exactly would you folks have me do?

For eight years and counting, I’ve spent hours (days/weeks) traveling to New Hampshire conducting interviews at my expense as well as untold hours writing my version of the events of that weekend and the horrible crime that took place.

Over six hundred of my  blog… Continue reading

March 31-End of SB Blog?

On Sunday, March 31, 2019, I will present my program called “The Adventures of a True Crime Neophyte” to a community group in Tucson. I’ve given this program or a slightly revised one to writers’ groups and other local groups in Arizona and New Hampshire on numerous occasions. The program details my work on the book about the murder of Stacey Burns. It is about the process for the book, not the murder.

This blog (and one that preceded it) has dealt almost entirely with the murder, not with the book writing process. I’ve written well over five hundred … Continue reading

Mind Changers or Game Changers- A Reprise

PLEASE NOTE: This is a repeat of a post from March of 2014. I thought it bears repeating since my recent post on “Eleven Suspects” was looked on with disdain from one particular respondent.

The numbers mentioned in this older post have increased in every case, but what truly matters is the fact that in five years since it was written, I’ve had at least four additional people provide information to me than change their minds about allowing its use. They join the group called “mind changers” in the first paragraph below.

From March 11, 2014 .  . … Continue reading

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