After a great visit to see my granddaughter graduate from high school in Maryland, our 59 year friends in New Jersey, and our new great grandson, Henry, (six months old) in Indiana, I’m back to posting on my blog. I’ll start with a brief one, a quote from an on-line article by the editor of the Green Valley News(May 22, 2023.)
The story focused on my latest book (Tainted Justice) placing in the top five finalists in the Indie Publishers Next Generation Book Awards for 2023.
Note the date in this quote from the article by the editor. “In 2013, I wrote a story about a murder on the East Coast that even today captivates (and infuriates) Duke Southard, and I’m glad it does. . . Congrats to Duke and don’t ever stop writing about that case.”
The story he is referring to was written over ten years ago!
So, expect more about the Stacey Burns case, including references to that story.