Blissful ignorance? Here’s a short selection from a chapter called “Sunday Morning-7:45-11:00” on page fifty-six of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns (the first draft)
“Living life in blissful ignorance can be a blessing of the highest order, and for several hours that dreadful Sunday morning, those who knew and loved Stacey Burns received that blessing. . .The familiar clich√© about an event not being on someone’s radar accurately fits the mental state of all but one person on Sunday morning, May 10, 2009. That person clearly has the murder of Stacey Burns front and center on the radar. That person is the only one who know she is gone. That person is her killer.”

This was revised a few years ago to change from a masculine pronoun to one that would fit both sexes. The reason for this? Quite simple, really. I am now convinced that the police should eliminate suspects of both genders since it appears Stacey’s killer could have been a female.

So, just weeks from the awful fourteenth anniversary of this atrocity, I’ll repeat a question I’ve asked on several other anniversaries. Is this murderer any closer to being caught now versus fourteen years ago?
Sadly, short of the killer walking in to a police station and confessing, I am afraid not.

Thoughts, anyone?