As I mentioned before in this blog, I have no standing with any division of law enforcement in the state of New Hampshire. I don’t even live in the state anymore. However, that fact does not preclude my asking a few questions as an interested citizen who lived in New Hampshire for forty years and spent much time, effort, and money over the last thirteen years attempting to write a coherent account of the murder of Stacey Burns in 2009.

So, let us begin with two questions which should be easy to answer fourteen years after the Stacey Burns.

  1. Have Ed Burns and Jim Vittum been cleared as “persons of interest?” After fourteen years of investigation, it would seem that these gentlemen could be let off the hook, so to speak. If not, then the police work must be proceeding at a extremely slow pace since these two were front and center when Stacey was killed fourteen years ago–feels like a long time to corroborate an alibi.
  2. Is there anything that the NHSP or the Attorney General’s office can share with the general public about progress in this case? Can it be said there is none or is everything in the “waiting” stage, hoping that someone might come forward. I’m sure there are many people who would be interested in answers to these simple questions. If they have been answered in some forum, forgive my ignorance. I’d love to be added to those enlightened souls who know the answers so we can move on to others.