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Degrees of Truth

“Degrees of Truth” is a small part of one chapter of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. After much deliberation, the essay “Degrees of Truth” has been removed from the Fallacy of Closure anthology, a book to be published soon. This piece dealt with the events of Friday night and Saturday morning before Stacey Burns was murdered. It was factual, based on interviews I had with people very close to Stacey.

Here, in synopsis form, are the reasons why it will not be included in the new book..

  1. It names real people,… Continue reading

New Book

I’m excited! This anthology of award winning short stories, personal essays, and memoir is now in the publishing pipeline. More information will be forthcoming as publication date gets closer so please be watching for it.

You will be treated to  a wide variety of short pieces, including A Night on the Ice, a first place finisher in the 2017 Society of Southwestern Authors Literary Competition. Some of my former Kingswood Regional High School students from way back will appreciate and remember the story. The Fallacy of Closure, a short memoir based on my book, The Week from Heaven… Continue reading

Stacey Burns: Old news?

Please don’t take this title as disrespectful to the memory of a very special person.  In fact, it is just the opposite.

We, her advocates, her friends, her family, her community, cannot allow her to become “old news.”

Any number of my posts over the years regarding this horrible crime received several hundred hits, which meant that a substantial number of people had read them.

The last few, even with provocative titles, have been read by just a hundred and fifty, give or take a few, and often less.

My point? ANYONE who is murdered should never become “old… Continue reading

Missing the boat on Stacey Burns?

I received the following comment on my blog “Another Year” and it really made me think about what I’ve been writing in this blog over the years. Read on then I’ll explain.

“I am sorry you have not had many responses to your two questions (really any since Jim and Wayne only address them tangentially if at all). I am a long time reader of your blog but this is my first time commenting. I suspect many are like me – appreciate your writings concerning Stacey’s murder but are reluctant to comment since we can add little that could or… Continue reading

A Revised Literary Plan-2018

As of last Wednesday, the Duke Southard literary plan for 2018 changed yet again.

A collection of thirteen short pieces, a combination of [personal essays, memoirs, and short stories, has been submitted to the publisher to begin the editing process. This likely will not take long as these stories have already been through a rather thorough content editing and most have also been judged in writing competitions. Watch for the release date in upcoming weeks. The title will be “The Fallacy of Closure” with a subtitle of “plus many more award winning essays and stories ” It is an eclectic… Continue reading

Another Year!

Sometimes I wish I were in a crowded auditorium giving a talk about the Stacey Burns case. I have done it before but never to a large group.

After informing this crowd about what I know, I would ask two simple questions and here they are:.

  1. We are approaching yet another year (number 9) when this crime will not be solved; if you are frustrated, angry, disappointed or discouraged, would you please raise your hand?
  2. If you are happy with the investigation and feel that the authorities are doing the best they can to nail this sick, demented, and vicious… Continue reading

A New Literary Plan

We (Barbara and I) have decided on a new literary plan for this year. After meeting with my publisher today, we’ve decided to release two relatively short anthologies, one fiction nd the other personal essay/memoir before the new novel. These anthologies will include my award-winning short pieces plus others which have not previously published. Since these works are already written and will need only copy editing, the books should be out fairly quickly.

I anticipate the novel, the fourth in the Parker Havenot series, to be published in late fall/early winter of 2018.

Watch for additional information on the anthologies… Continue reading

From “Murder in a Small Town . . .”

Here are a couple of short segments from Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns, a book residing in limbo until something else happens. Remember, these segments were written very early on in my work on the book. (between six and seven years ago!)

(Chapter Seven, “The Exes” page 62-63)      State and local police and authorities from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office no doubt are struggling to withstand the inevitable let-down that comes from a lengthy investigation. Forget about the first two days being critical; when a murder begins to… Continue reading

On horseback- then and now . . .

Sixty four years since my last horseback ride, I finally climbed back on last Saturday. Here, from my short personal essay, “The Dude Ranch” are a few snippets of my experience as a thirteen year old spending three days at a dude ranch in northern New Jersey. (yes, I said New Jersey!)

“When he finished his demonstrations,  Cowboy Earl turned to face us. “Now, let’s get acquainted with our animals,” he said,  intoning a final piece of advice. “And make sure you let them know you’re the boss, right from the get go.”

My horse’s name is erased… Continue reading

Stacey Burns Update

As promised in the last post, I will use this blog to keep readers updated on what I know is happening in the Stacey Burns murder investigation.

On Sunday, a gentleman at our church came up to me after the service. He was present when I spoke to the men’s breakfast group about my work on Murder in a Small: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns almost two years ago. He told me about  a horrible (is there any other kind) rape/murder case which had just been solved, TWENTY EIGHT YEARS after the crime was committed. If this same… Continue reading

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