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Another reprise . . .

My post ( A Reprise)  from June 1 did not receive wide distribution for some reason, so I’m repeating a bit of here along with some new observations.

Since June, 2012, I posted over five hundred and sixty times on this blog with about 85 % devoted to the Stacey Burns murder case. When the comments on these posts are added in, the result is over a thousand entries since this blog began.

Here is just another fresh observation, offered with the proviso that, as always, you can take it or leave it.

Don’t you wonder how the murderers… Continue reading

A reprise . . .

On December 12, 2012, I posted my first entry regarding the murder of Stacey Burns on this blog.

Since then, there have been five hundred and sixty posts, of which about 85 % dealt with this murder. Add in uncountable comments and replies and the total number of entries grows to well over a thousand.

My website, www.dukesouthard.com, has all of them.

If you have the time and the inclination, it might be interesting to peruse those entries.

Is anyone else truly tired of the “active, ongoing, intensive, open/unsolved ” designation of this murder?

Why not call it what it… Continue reading

“Afraid of her…”

 “I honestly think she may be afraid of (the suspect) . . .”

It’s been over a year since I sent the NH State Police my newest “hot tip” (at that time) about the Stacey Burns murder case.  Today, I checked with the source of that tip to see if any subsequent interviews or follow-up had occurred. As usual, this was a frustrating exercise.

Because of the nature of the tip, I can’t reveal too much detail but suffice it to say that the source felt that the reason he/she hadn’t heard anything at this point is that… Continue reading

On Writing -Sorry, Mr. King

All right, I admit to stealing Stephen King’s title from his outstanding book for writers.

This will be brief.

I’ll also admit to being “old school” when it comes to writing. We subscribe to two newspapers on Sunday. Curious, after just completing a copy-editing project for a full-length novel, I placed the same template of expectations over the two newspapers. My guess is that editing in its truest sense in the newspaper business is a by-gone art form. My high school English classes would have done better as far as basic rules of syntax, grammar, and punctuation are concerned in… Continue reading

Never too old to be discouraged?

This will sound like a whiney old man’s kind of post, but here it is!

The topic is obvious. When do we lose the ability to be discouraged?

Is it when we’re twenty-two and don’t get a job we applied for?

Is it when we’re thirty, and realize that we’re two steps behind on the basketball court?

Is it when we’re forty, and don’t get the expected promotion?

Is it when we are fifty, and are told that a new person could do our jobs, and at half the cost?

Is it when we are sixty, and realize that we’re… Continue reading

After the Tournaments

I  truly appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort and heartfelt emotion that goes into all the events commemorating the anniversary of a brutal, heinous crime, the murder of Stacey Burns. So now, it is three days after the ninth anniversary.

My only question? How much closer to arresting this killer are we than we were at the last  anniversary, or the one before that, or before that?

The golf tournaments, the 5K runs, and the expressions of grief and sorrow are great, but how much closer are we, New Hampshire State Police?

Sure seems like a simple question, doesn’t it?


The Ninth Anniversary!

At the risk of being chastised again, I still feel the need to make a few observations on the upcoming ninth anniversary of the murder of Stacey Burns.  I appreciate the support some of my readers have shown for this blog and its mission.

For better or for worse, here are those observations gleaned from almost eight years of working with this subject. Notice, I didn’t say investigating because, as I’ve said often enough, I am not an “investigative reporter.” I am a writer who has been simply trying to find the truth.

  1. I’ve wondered how a case like… Continue reading

The Tipping Point

As of Thursday morning, the finished manuscript of The Tipping Point, my new novel, is in the hands of a manuscript evaluator. It is expected back in three weeks or less, after which the editing and copy-editing processes will begin.

This is the fourth in the Detective Parke Havenot series. Here is a look at the draft blurb for the back cover.

“When the killer of Linda Philips is brought up for parole after only five years in prison, Detective Parker Havenot is the only spectator at the hearing. He is stunned when the parole board allows Alex… Continue reading

A Missed Opportunity?

Within the last week, I was contacted by an NBC Cable News affiliate in Boston. They wanted to do an interview regarding the Stacey Burns murder case. I turned down the offer since it had to be a live interview (no Skype or similar thing) in studio. The trip was impractical for me for a number of reasons.

My hope is that they found someone else in the New England area to do an interview about the case, if for no other reason than it might help bring more exposure to the ninth anniversary of Stacey’s death.

I’ve also heard… Continue reading

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