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Congrats to Dean Rondeau

This post is a simple congratulatory note to Captain Dean Rondeau of the Wolfeboro, New Hampshire Police Department.

Captain Rondeau will take over as Chief of Police in January from outgoing chief Stuart Chase. Although I’ve only had a few conversations with him, the captain has impressed me with his knowledge base, his intelligence, his integrity, and his compassion. Wolfeboro is fortunate to have such a man available for the job.

Good luck, Captain! You will make a fine chief.


On writing, and Christmas

It’s been over two weeks since I last posted on this blog and this is just a “catch up” post.

I hope all followers had a happy Thanksgiving. We had an enjoyable trip to the East Coast, visiting with family and friends along the way.  It is hard to keep up with writing and posting when traveling but I’m ready to set out a few pre-New Years goals.

First, I will try to post on the blog at least once every three days, or more often if the occasion warrants it.

Second, I will continue work on… Continue reading

Conspiracies-Yet Again!

Most conspiracy theories are disproved by one thing-facts. Think of any conspiracy, whether it be national or international, such as a presidential assassination, a “rigged” election,or a Benghazi cover-up, or a local story, like two murders occurring over a short period of time in a small town.  Now think  how the propagation of these theories could be stopped. The solution might be simplistic but it is true. Those in authority have only to supply the facts in the case.

A contributor to this blog sent a response to my most… Continue reading

Bobbie Miller and Stacey Burns-What’s happening?

This will be a very brief post.

Well over seven years ago, Stacey Burns was stabbed to death in her own bedroom in New Hampshire.

Just over six years ago, Bobbie Miller was murdered in her own home in New Hampshire.

Isn’t it a fair question for family, friends, and communities to ask- What’s is happening with these investigations?

A detective recently complained to a correspondent of mine that the public’s frustration with the lack of progress is the reason for the wild speculations and conspiracy theories, especially with the Stacey Burns murder.

Well . . .might some… Continue reading

Next up- Anarchy

I’m feeling very sorry for our children and grandchildren right now. No matter who wins this election, I see no way that this country can overcome the amount of hatred, division, and bigotry that has been generated during this campaign.

If Trump wins, people say they will leave the country.

If Clinton wins, we have militias who are gearing up their arms.

One voice in New Hampshire calls out, “Execute her!” at a Trump rally.  Thank God for Sununu who at least told that voice that he was over the line.

If we don’t return to the due process… Continue reading

Power and Greed

Motive, means, and opportunity- the mantra recited by any homicide investigator  as he begins to sort out the suspects in a crime. We all know the detectives in the Stacey Burns murder case have this all figured out as they continue the intense investigation into this brutal crime.

Motive, or why someone decides to do something, has always been important to me. For example, I once knew an automobile salesman who was a regular church goer and a high profile donor to numerous charities, facts that gave him substantial standing in his community. In… Continue reading

A Failed Experiment?

In an allegorical piece titled “The Failed Experiment,” I call attention to the Biblical Divine Council, a group of six who are helping the Sovereign make decisions about the fate of the human race. Here is what the advocate for the continent of North America has to say about his experience with humanity, especially those in the noble experiment begun in 1776.

“The struggle has been both satisfying and spirit-crushing. The hope that one of our countries could somehow send the momentum for a better world spinning in a positive direction was a euphoric experience at the beginning, but soon… Continue reading

Listening to our critics

SSAProgram 002Could the New Hampshire State Police and  State Attorney General’s Office learn from this?

On November 20, 2016, I will be speaking to the Society of Southwestern Authors monthly forum on the subject of “Listening To Our Inner (and Outer) Critics.”  The program will explore my journey as a “second career” writer and how I grew in the profession by listening to critics of my work.

Admittedly, some of the criticism of other writers and editors was harsh and not too easy to accept; however, that did not make the criticism any less valid. We can… Continue reading

My Tom Brokaw letter

This is a part of a letter I wrote to Tom Brokaw in January, 1999. Its subject was his book on the “greatest generation.” However, perhaps it is as applicable today as it was then. The idealism mentioned is that of the members of that incredible World War II generation.

“I suppose that my wish for all would be a return to that same idealism, that same level of commitment, that same ambition, but with all of it tempered by a belief in the value of humanity in its totality.”

My question was simply this: Can the… Continue reading

Embarrassed and Ashamed

Our good Canadian friends often ask how the Stacey Burns murder case is coming as they are well aware of the long time I’ve been working on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns.

Lately, they have been asking an additional rhetorical question about our country, phrased something like this: What in the world is going on down there?

As just an ordinary citizen, I can only answer both questions from my limited perspective, and certainly not a powerful one.

First, how is the Stacey Burns murder case coming? Who knows? I can only… Continue reading

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