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One Winner and Another Finalist

18203-wdan-aw-118203-wdan-aw18203-wdan-awDespite evidence to the contrary, I really do have trouble with self-promotion. However, since I have a blog post coming up on the subject of personal and writer’s credibility, I have to let my readers know of these latest two developments in my writing career.

First, my personal essay entry won first place in the Memoir/Personal Essay division of the 85th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.  The recognition alone makes this a very special award with a substantial cash prize a nice bonus feature.


Second, the finalists in the 2016 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards were announced yesterday in… Continue reading

Active investigation? (Again)

In August, while in Wolfeboro for a book signing, I interviewed two people about the Stacey Burns case. In both instances, a woman was mentioned as a possible suspect in Stacey’s murder.  In one case, the actual name was given to me. In the other, the name was not used but all evidence points to it being the same woman. The N.H. State Police told one of my interviewees that they would follow-up on the information supplied. The other interviewee has already spoken to the police and provided the name.

I did hear from a member of Stacey’s… Continue reading

Truth is not enough!

In a reader’s guide to her outstanding book, Twain’s End, novelist Lynn Cullen makes this interesting observation.

“. . .when spoken with conviction, falsehoods and accusations carry the same weight as truths. Whoever speaks the most loudly is believed, not necessarily the one who speaks the most honestly.”

She follows this discouraging thought with another. “. . . having the truth on your side is not enough.”

I could not help but relate her insightful comments to the Stacey Burns murder case.  Some of the falsehoods, accusations, innuendoes, and wild speculations in that case have been… Continue reading

an answer

This post was published in reply to “Conspiracy Theory #4” I have his report and his documentation for his idea. This is simply a response.

Please do not give up-Your theory and evidence to back it up is compelling. I truly believe that the evil men (or women) can do to their fellow man is beyond imagining and your conspiracy between lawyers and their firms is certainly not out of the realm of reality.
How does one get the police/authorities to pay attention to any of the possibilities out there?
I’m afraid that they have chosen the guilty and do… Continue reading

Quitting? I Hope Not!

To the readers of this blog, now 425 posts into it:

You tell me. When is it time to face the fact that you are not making any difference in the Stacey Burns murder case?

Please don’t interpret the following as a “poor me” complaint but facts are facts and those facts must be addressed at some point.

Here are the facts: Six years later, after uncountable hours of interviews, substantial expenditures in travel expenses with no reimbursement,  and encountering an astounding lack of interest or cooperation from law enforcement, I am ready to pass along a… Continue reading

Interesting Law Enforcement Quotes

Yesterday, I went through hundreds of pages of notes, e-mails, transcripts of recorded interviews, and newspaper articles related to my work on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. My first notes begin in mid-2010 and continue right up to the present. While rereading them, I found some interesting quotation from law enforcement officials on the Stacey Burns murder case.

Here are just a few . . .

May 12, 2009-The investigation will take a few more days because “this is a fairly large residence and there were a number of people inside, so that just… Continue reading

End of an era. . .

IMG_0607No Stacey Burns case, no new books, no event announcements- just a brief goodbye to a vehicle that has been in our family for over twenty two years.

I know, I know, it’s just a car but a special one it was. For a number of years, it was Pam’s baby then became “duksbby” on both the Hampshire and Arizona license plates. The photo shows the happy new owner of the 1994 car with over 212,000 miles on it. That means it has traveled around the world about 8 and a half times! That’s a lot of traveling for… Continue reading

Fascinating Interview

On July 12, 2016, my post mentioned an encouraging sign in the Stacey Burns murder case. A source informed me that two New Hampshire State Police detectives drove to Wolfeboro and interviewed this source for over an hour about new information which seemed pertinent to the case. At the end of that interview, my source was told that they would “follow up” on that information.

This would seem to me to mean that the investigators would check out that information by going directly to the person claiming to know who killed Stacey Burns. While in Wolfeboro for the book signing… Continue reading

The New Hampshire Trip

Southard-3aCountry Booksellers of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire outdid themselves in welcoming me to the book signing on Sunday. With a great crowd attending, they supplied refreshments and friendly greetings. My thanks to Karen Baker and her wonderful staff!IMG_0588 (3) The photo shows a few of the attendees at the event. It was nice to be back in New Hampshire where the weather was beautiful and a bit cooler than Arizona! Thanks to all who attended this event!

No new action on Stacey?

Exactly one month ago, on July 12, 2016, I published a post on this blog titled “Action on Stacey Burns?”

In that post, I expressed some optimism because the NH State Police had actually sent two detectives to Wolfeboro to interview someone who may (emphasis on MAY) have some new information. That interview ended with the usual “we’ll check it out” phrase.

One month later, can we assume that the lead is still being “checked out” or is it a dead end, or is it somewhere in between.

Has anyone heard anything about this? I will be in the Wolfeboro… Continue reading

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