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Horseback riding . . .

Hannah on the left, Grammie Barbara in the middle, and Ben on the right!

I’ve been somewhat busy with a wonderful visit from our grandkids from Maryland and tomorrow will be going back east with them so blog posts have not been on the priority list.

I thank those who have commented on recent posts and continue to stay interested.

Until next week, I leave you all with this thought. Horseback riding is a lot easier when one is “younger.” I did manage to mount my horse and have a nice hour ride with my wife and the grandkids. However,… Continue reading

And Speaking of Revisiting . . .

Given the recent development with Ed Burns in Massachusetts, I’m wondering if  it may be time for the detectives in New Hampshire who have been actively investigating the Stacey Burns murder case to revisit everything about Mr. Burns’ alibi.

Wouldn’t it seem prudent to do so from the start (Michael Brabant’s information, hotel cameras, etc.) to finish? Of course, we can be certain that all of this has been reexamined many times over the last nine years, but why not try again since it seems that Mr. Burns may have a penchant for violence.

Luckily, the public has been… Continue reading

Goodreads and Bookbub


Finally, seven of my eight books are now available on both Bookbub and Goodreads. If anyone is a member of either of these, it would be nice to get a follow or a review if you’ve read any of the books pictured. This sort of exposure really helps, as does an Amazon review.

Currently, my books have forty Amazon reviews (thirty five stars and ten four stars) but can always use a lot more.



Waning Interest?

As I look back at my history of posts about the murder of Stacey Burns, I’m finding a definite pattern in the number of people reading them, and a similar pattern  in the number of comments.

I am hoping and praying that this pattern is the fault of my posts and not the interest in this case. Speaking frankly (and why would I not?) I will admit that it is difficult to say much that is original about this case any more, thus the “revisits” I’ve been posting.

So, is it the natural human tendency to move on, to… Continue reading

Talented Detective?

Lisa Gardner, one of my favorite crime storytellers, has this line in her short novel, The Fourth Man.

“It’s amazing what you can discover, even in a cold case, with a talented detective.” It is a quote about the redoubtable detective, D.D. Warren.

This leads to my oft-stated question regarding the Stacey Burns murder. Whether it is officially a cold case, or what some in the official world are calling “open, unsolved” my question is simple. Is it still being worked, and if so, with what level of intensity? Now, inspired by Lisa Gardner, we could add another question. Do… Continue reading

“Waiting for him to crack”

In a follow-up story to an original article about my attempts to write a book  about the Stacey Burns murder in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire in 2009, the editor of the Green Valley News says this.

“Southard and I have shared theories on the murder, especially after a New Hampshire cold case detective told me in 2013 that they know who did it–they’re just waiting for him to crack. We both think the case will be solved and somebody will go to prison. But, like any good mystery where the ending’s still up for grabs, we don’t agree on who… Continue reading

Revisiting Frustrations

What fun it is to read through past blog posts I’ve written on the Stacey Burns murder case. I ran across one from October, 2013 which listed some of my frustrations with the case. This entry was inspired by a question I was asked at a program I presented in New Hampshire. Again, note that it was written almost five years ago.

“Frustration # 2 is simply the fact that 1604 days have passed and the authorities continue to less than forthcoming with information. The public continues to be left to ponder why there has not been an… Continue reading

Another Repost re: The Murder of Stacey Burns

Here is a part of another post from January, 2013, about thirty months after I started working on Murder in A Small Town. It seems as pertinent today as it did then, if not more so.

“Recently, I was rereading an Ann Rule book of true crime cases (A Rage to Kill) and ran across the phrase, “Closed-Exceptional,” in her foreword. It is a phrase I did not recall but she says it designates a case in which the guilty person is known by detectives but, due to lack of physical evidence, has never been arrested. Obviously, with… Continue reading

Stacey and The Final Tipping Point

First, I thought followers might be interested in these few sentences from a January 4, 2013 blog post, way back when my writing focus was entirely on the book about the Stacey Burns murder.

(From January 4, 2013) “At this time, Murder in a Small Town; The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns is sorely lacking some details which Stacey’s family could supply to help me to make the story a fair and reasonable portrayal of a wonderful person. I know they are not in favor of this book, but I still contend that just maybe I could help to somehow… Continue reading

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