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Intuitive Police Officers

In my novel, Agent for Justice, Detective Parker Havenot reminisces about his favorite instructor during his intensive training to be a homicide detective.

(He) spent considerable time discussing what he called the naturals, those police officers who possessed a level of intuition far above       average.

“They’ll see red flags where other investigators see nothing but black and white,” he had said. Parker dismissed the theory, feeling that every profession had its outstanding people and its average people. Not everyone can be at the top of the class.  (p. 259-Agent for Justice)

Did… Continue reading

Investigation Reassurances (again)

I just received this email and thought I should share it. I guess it is reassuring but we have heard almost the exact same words before.

The Stacey Burns case remains open and is at times an active case. The case was listed on the Cold Case Website because no arrest has been made and it was hoped that posting the case on the website would provide an alternative avenue for anyone wanting to provide information about the case. 

The Stacey Burns case has been and will continue to be staffed with a team from the NH Attorney… Continue reading

Back to Stacey

As promised just before the eighth anniversary of the death of Stacey Burns, this blog has addressed other subjects but I wanted to share this information which I received. No source is quoted because I do not have an official source but  the email made sense to me. It may be a difficult test of patience and trust but here it is. (in quotes since this is exactly how I received it)

How real criminal investigations work.  For example, if we are provided with information about a person who might be involved in a… Continue reading

Works in Progress

This photo is taken at The Country Bookseller in Wolfeboro, N.H. at a book signing of Cracks in the Wall.

As a change of pace, I thought I would let people know what I am working on, literarily speaking, as those who have read my books do ask me on occasion.

In addition to a number of short pieces of fiction and personal essays I have submitted to a number of different outlets and contests, I continue to work on a new novel, which at this point is slated to be the last of the Detective Parker … Continue reading

Abused women in fiction

In March, I spoke to a large group of book club members, all of whom had read my latest novel, Cracks in the Wall.

After the program, a woman approached me and informed me that she “didn’t like any of the women in the book.” She went on to explain that she thought they were weak and should have shown more backbone when dealing with the men who exploited them. That conversation stimulated my thinking about the female characters in the book, especially the protagonist, Linda Phillips.

Since the character is based on research… Continue reading

“Tip” results so far

So far, I know of two people (out of three) who were mentioned in a recent post as being part of a “tip” I received on the Stacey Burns murder case have at least been contacted by the NHSP.

I was reminded by a follower in an email that it had been sixteen days since the “tip” was forwarded to the cold case unit (if there is one) of the NHSP. I also found out through this same individual  that investigators do not necessarily get back to their sources with information about the resultes of a follow-up… Continue reading

“In Case Anyone Cares”

As I wait to see if my “hot tip” bears any fruit with the New Hampshire State Police in the investigation of the Stacey Burns murder, I thought I’d offer a change of pace for this blog.

This post is the opening paragraph in a memoir (first draft) about growing up with a “Greatest Generation” father. The tongue-in-cheek title is “In Case Anyone Cares,” a title my wife dislikes intensely.

The memoir is about sixty pages along. I wonder if, after reading this opening paragraph, anyone would want to continue reading.

The Greatest Generation?

Perhaps Not!

“The… Continue reading

Twenty-five Years-A Tribute

Twenty-five years today, we lost a son, a brother, and a steadfast, unique individual  to all who knew him. His death turned the week from heaven into the week from hell.

Those years have passed by, as years seem to do, in the proverbial blink of an eye. Thank God that we have twenty-nine years of memories to draw upon before that awful day when Gary left us.

We all miss you dearly. I think all the time of what might have been in your life, in your career, in your marriage . . .

You were a good… Continue reading

False hope and Coincidences

First, a question- why would someone who praised the NHSP detective now working the Stacey Burns murder case in previous posts now refer to this officer as a “putz”  who is feeding me “BS?” Just wondering . . .

It is gratifying to have the response to my last post expressing some hope that the murder of Stacey Burns is still an active case. However, that being said, I believe over the last eight years, we’ve heard that before.

The difference this time is that I provided two specific contact points for the NHSP to follow on a “tip”… Continue reading

Encouraged- R.I.P. Stacey

Eight years ago, right around this time (10:30-11:00 am, May 10, 2009) a son and daughter were looking down in utter disbelief and shock at their mother, murdered in her own bed in the quiet, peaceful town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. May you rest in peace, Stacey Burns. I did not know you but over the last six and a half years feel as if I’ve become acquainted with the special woman you were to your family, friends and community. You are loved and missed terribly.

Now to the encouragement- I’ve actually conversed with a detective from the New Hampshire… Continue reading

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