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Encouragement? or more frustration?

Here is a portion of the email I received and mentioned in the last post. I’ll leave it to readers to decide whether it means something may happen in the Stacey Burns murder case.  (I thought New Hampshire had a “Cold Case Unit” in place, even after the grant money of a few years ago ran out. Can anyone explain how a list of cold cases exists but the unit which might investigate them does not exist?)

Here’s the “encouraging” email from a state rep.

We just received an inquiry from The Office of Governor Sununu.

( will let… Continue reading

Reason to be encouraged?

Based on information in emails I’ve received over the last week, the murder of Stacey Burns is receiving considerable attention at high levels of law enforcement and government due to the diligence of an individual who has sent numerous communications regarding the case. When I receive permission to share the content of these emails, I will do so, but it does appear that efforts to move this case forward may be succeeding.

One can only hope that these encouraging signs will turn into something positive.

Twelve days and counting to the 8th anniversary . . .



14 Days plus contact info

Two reminders: First, I’ve been asked why some comments on this blog are not published. It is not what you may think. (censorship) Most likely, if your comment is not published, it is because I was unable to contact you through the e-mail associated with your alias. As I said before, I will not publish any post which names specific people in a negative way unless I have your expressed written approval to do so. If your contact info is not correct and is returned to me, the post will not be published. I believe it is only fair to… Continue reading

Nearing the end . . .

Okay, folks! After many years, untold hours of interviews, hundreds of pages of notes, trips to NH, substantial expenses, and now facing the apparent fact that the killer of Stacey Burns is never going to be judged on this planet, I’ve decided to rearrange priorities on this blog. The number of posts dealing with the murder of Stacey Burns has been over 80%.  The other eight subject categories have split the remaining 20%.

Twenty days from now, Stacey will be gone eight years. After May 10, the blog posts you see here… Continue reading

School Nurse Day

Ironically, three weeks from today is designated as School Nurse Day. One week later will be the eighth anniversary of Stacey Burns’ last day on the planet.
Here are portions of another email I received in response to my “Admissable/Inadmissable” blog post. It explains some aspects of the dilemma regarding evidence required for a case to go to court.
I’d only call attention to line 1, which mentions an open case. So, does this place the murder of Stacey Burns in the open-unsolved category and not the cold case category? The mention of a team in the sixth line… Continue reading

Admissable versus inadmissable

Regarding my last post, if something is lacking, such as admissible evidence, does that mean that there might be inadmissible evidence?

Just wondering . . .what if there is evidence that because of some legal issue is not admissible in a court?

We’ve all heard of it. It could be either illegally obtained or collected or might have been mishandled.

The question- is there some inadmissible evidence out there that we should know about?

Just wondering . . .


Another surpising email!

Today I received this email. The only thing new I see in it is in the 10th line down. It is the first time I’ve seen someone in authority use the phrase “state of admissible evidence.” (Could have missed this before but I don’t think so)

Further, it says the lack of this availability of admissible evidence is what “effects (sic-should be affects) moving forward.”

In my humble opinion, this is important because it seems to indicate that there is a strong suspect but there is not evidence to prosecute. This is vastly different than not having a… Continue reading

No Photo Available?

Interesting-After my blog post quoting the cold case listing for Stacey Burns as having “No photo available” now there is a photo on that page. Here is the link for anyone interested.



Now-Not a Cold Case?

The following came to me in an email this morning.
Would anyone care to comment? I, for one, am confused. Was posting the Stacey Burns “Unsolved homicide” on the cold case list really an effort to get someone to step forward?
I’ve been told, and this is just an uninformed outsider speaking, that a case received the designation of cold when there is no activity for at least a year, not when no arrest has been made. Wouldn’t that mean that many more cases would be considered cold?
Thirty four days to the 8th anniversary-I’m happy to… Continue reading

Stacey’s Cold Case Notice

For those who may have missed it, here is the notice regarding the now cold case file on the Stacey Burns murder. This is taken directly from the New Hampshire Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General site.

Status: Unsolved homicide

Details: “On May 10, 2009, Stacey Burns, age 41, was found stabbed to death in her home at 109 North Main Street in Wolfeboro. An extensive investigation into her murder has been conducted since that time, but no one has been charged. Help us solve this case and bring justice to the family of this victim. Use our… Continue reading

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