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The Eight Party Line plus A Stacey Burns Response

Apparently, at least one other person, maybe two or three more, were interviewed in the spring by the detective working the Stacey Burns active (cold case) investigation. That would be about the same time I spoke with that same detective. Maybe there is some hope this terrible crime will be solved during the lifetime of people who lived through that ordeal as friends and family of Stacey. Can you imagine how many new cases are now in process in the eleven and and a half years since her murder?  I am still interested in hearing from anyone else who… Continue reading

A Short Story

This will be a change of pace but first a report on the “alibis” post of a week ago. I ‘ve heard from one person regarding the “ongoing investigation” into the murder of Stacey Burns. A good friend (perhaps best?) of Stacey says she’s been contacted once by phone since 2009. Has anyone else close to that original investigation been contacted? If not, then I guess it is not very active, is it?

The change of pace? I thought I’d share the opening of a short story I’ve written and submitted to numerous print and on-line magazines. It is based… Continue reading

The Ice Dam-Conclusion

Here is how our first ice dam story concluded. The experience was a harbinger of future ice dams in a new house we occupied for almost forty years in New Hampshire.

With temperatures stuck in the low twenties and a light mist of freezing rain falling, we managed to drag the ladder and raise it up to the offending roof and the ominous ice dam overhanging the eave. I ascended the ladder, facing my first ice dam with a mixture of determination, nervousness, and intense physical discomfort from the cold. Our landlord was correct. Almost a foot of ice blocked… Continue reading

The Ice Dam

A work in progress for me is a series of short stories/vignettes about our move from New Jersey to New Hampshire in 1970. My new teaching job started in January in one of the snowiest, coldest winters and it surely was the snowiest, coldest we had ever experienced, coming from New Jersey. I called it a baptism of fire but in reality it was a baptism of ice. One of the first trials was an ice dam in an old rental house.

Here are some excerpts from that short piece. Most who have lived in central New Hampshire will recognize… Continue reading

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All!

May the year 2020 bring you health, happiness, and prosperity!

One of my resolutions is to be better about keeping this blog more timely. As some know, I write a weekly post on the Pro Writers Writing blog as well You can read it st http://prowriterswriting.com.

This blog will continue to focus on anything new in the New Hampshire murders of Stacey Burns and Bobbie Miller. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was finally the year the police actually arrested someone for those crimes?

I expect this year will see my sixth novel published and… Continue reading

Never too old to be discouraged?

This will sound like a whiney old man’s kind of post, but here it is!

The topic is obvious. When do we lose the ability to be discouraged?

Is it when we’re twenty-two and don’t get a job we applied for?

Is it when we’re thirty, and realize that we’re two steps behind on the basketball court?

Is it when we’re forty, and don’t get the expected promotion?

Is it when we are fifty, and are told that a new person could do our jobs, and at half the cost?

Is it when we are sixty, and realize that we’re… Continue reading

OLLI Class and The Fallacy of Closure

I’m looking forward to leading an OLLI class next Tuesday in Tucson. The two hour session with focus on the process of writing and dealing with both inner and outer critics during the judgment of your work. At this time, there are thirty seven folks signed up for the class and I think there is still time. Checkout OLLI classes in Tucson (ID # 12470). This is the first in a series of six session lead by southern Arizona authors.

Also, my anthology of short stories and personal essays has come out in all e-book formats as well as paperback.… Continue reading

A Tipping Point

This is my first post since the “Finished with Stacey Burns Case” post a couple of weeks ago.

I can’t resist reminding everyone that May is coming right up-yet another anniversary! Nine years!

My next novel is finished and now in the editing stages before an expected fall release. The title, The Tipping Point, refers to events and watershed moments of decision which redirect someone’s life. Everyone has these tipping points to varying degrees.

Watch for more information on this exciting new Detective Parker Havenot novel as it proceeds through the pipeline toward publication.

I’ll try to more regular… Continue reading

The Dream

The upcoming anthology, The Fallacy of Closure,  includes a personal essay titled The Dream. It contains a number of anecdotes about our days as the owners of Beaver Hollow Campground in Ossipee, New Hampshire. This sign, with our mascot, “Eager Beaver,” announced the entrance. My thanks to friend Joe Costello for uncovering this photo!  This story and others in the collection are sure to bring back memories for those living in the Lakes Region during the seventies.

Watch for the release date coming very soon!

Duke                  … Continue reading

A Strong Statement plus Update

Today, I share a portion of a comment to a post from a week ago. It just gives us an important fact to remember
 in the killing of Stacey Burns. I thought it bears emphasizing.
"What people fail to realize is that we are not looking for a killer; we are looking for a monster. . .
Killing a mother of five knowing that the children will discover 
her mutilated body on Mother's Day morning is a crime of immense cruelty." (See complete comment by looking 
on my website for the blog post from last week.) 
Well, NHSP and New… Continue reading 

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