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New Book

I’m excited! This anthology of award winning short stories, personal essays, and memoir is now in the publishing pipeline. More information will be forthcoming as publication date gets closer so please be watching for it.

You will be treated to  a wide variety of short pieces, including A Night on the Ice, a first place finisher in the 2017 Society of Southwestern Authors Literary Competition. Some of my former Kingswood Regional High School students from way back will appreciate and remember the story. The Fallacy of Closure, a short memoir based on my book, The Week from Heaven… Continue reading

A Revised Literary Plan-2018

As of last Wednesday, the Duke Southard literary plan for 2018 changed yet again.

A collection of thirteen short pieces, a combination of [personal essays, memoirs, and short stories, has been submitted to the publisher to begin the editing process. This likely will not take long as these stories have already been through a rather thorough content editing and most have also been judged in writing competitions. Watch for the release date in upcoming weeks. The title will be “The Fallacy of Closure” with a subtitle of “plus many more award winning essays and stories ” It is an eclectic… Continue reading

A New Literary Plan

We (Barbara and I) have decided on a new literary plan for this year. After meeting with my publisher today, we’ve decided to release two relatively short anthologies, one fiction nd the other personal essay/memoir before the new novel. These anthologies will include my award-winning short pieces plus others which have not previously published. Since these works are already written and will need only copy editing, the books should be out fairly quickly.

I anticipate the novel, the fourth in the Parker Havenot series, to be published in late fall/early winter of 2018.

Watch for additional information on the anthologies… Continue reading

Oasis Journal

I’m happy to announce that two of my short pieces were selected to be published in the Oasis Journal-2017, which was just released. One of my Green Valley Writers Forum colleagues, Bonnie Papenfuss, also had a very touching and poignant poem included in this 560 page anthology. It is available on Amazon and elsewhere. One of my two pieces is part of a larger work in progress about growing up with a “Greatest Generation” father. The second relates a few experiences as a volunteer meals-on-wheels driver.

Works in Progress

This photo is taken at The Country Bookseller in Wolfeboro, N.H. at a book signing of Cracks in the Wall.

As a change of pace, I thought I would let people know what I am working on, literarily speaking, as those who have read my books do ask me on occasion.

In addition to a number of short pieces of fiction and personal essays I have submitted to a number of different outlets and contests, I continue to work on a new novel, which at this point is slated to be the last of the Detective Parker … Continue reading

On writing, and Christmas

It’s been over two weeks since I last posted on this blog and this is just a “catch up” post.

I hope all followers had a happy Thanksgiving. We had an enjoyable trip to the East Coast, visiting with family and friends along the way.  It is hard to keep up with writing and posting when traveling but I’m ready to set out a few pre-New Years goals.

First, I will try to post on the blog at least once every three days, or more often if the occasion warrants it.

Second, I will continue work on… Continue reading

What Wall?

Some have asked about the title of my new book. What does “Cracks in the Wall” mean?

In Live Free or Die, Josie says, “Sometimes we can still see over or through the cracks in the wall we’ve built to shield us from the past.” Have any of you known someone who was trying to start over, trying to rebuild a life? In order to do that, a person needs to think about building a symbolic wall if they truly intend to start over. The past can be a serious impediment to moving ahead with a new direction… Continue reading

Cracks in the Wall

Dad Race Car 21 (2)The photo captures my father in his race car in 1950, just prior to a horrible crash in which he should have been killed but survived with minor scratches. That accident is the basis for the opening chapter of my first novel, A Favor Returned.

Many folks have asked my how my work on my fourth novel is coming along. Cracks in the Wall, the third book featuring Detective Parker Havenot, is well underway. As of this moment, I am projecting the rough draft to be finished by the end of November, 2015. The story is guaranteed to produce … Continue reading

A Different Idea

A number of correspondents to this blog have suggested that I publish what I have of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns with obviously no conclusions. Also suggested is the idea that I compile all blog posts on the subject and add them as a sort of appendix to the incomplete narrative. This would be a different approach to the book. The blog posts would likely be over 40,000 words, almost as long as the book is at this point.

I’m curious to hear opinions of others on this subject.


Live Free or Die Is Off! What next?

This morning, I sent the manuscript of Live Free or Die to the publisher. Now the fun begins.

It is still in the “Work in Progress” category because it has not yet gone through editing/copyediting (officially but it surely has been gone over carefully here in the Southard household). I like to think it will not require huge editing. Actually, I’d have to say that I think this book is the best edited of any I’ve written before sending it off to the publisher. We’ll wait and see what they think!

Next up? Two possibilities: Memoir- The Twenty… Continue reading

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