This will be a change of pace but first a report on the “alibis” post of a week ago. I ‘ve heard from one person regarding the “ongoing investigation” into the murder of Stacey Burns. A good friend (perhaps best?) of Stacey says she’s been contacted once by phone since 2009. Has anyone else close to that original investigation been contacted? If not, then I guess it is not very active, is it?

The change of pace? I thought I’d share the opening of a short story I’ve written and submitted to numerous print and on-line magazines. It is based on a true experience from my youth.

Do you think you would read on based on this opening? Here it is.

The Fallacy of Equality

Spencer Morris was a colored man, the gentler term used for people of color in 1959. He’d heard the other harsh word often enough from white people, but his response was always the same. When it came as a shout from across a busy street, he would wave and smile, which usually led to a follow-up gesture from the shouter, one that would bring a wider smile to Spence’s face.

“Yes, sir, you got that right. I am number one,” he’d say to himself as he tossed another wave back, this one more enthusiastic than the first.

When the insulting epithet came from a closer source, sometimes within inches of his face, he’d react with the same smile and his favorite verbal response, almost guaranteed to send the offender away muttering.

“Now you have a good day, sir, and God bless you,” he’d say.

Have a good and safe day!