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A Tipping Point

This is my first post since the “Finished with Stacey Burns Case” post a couple of weeks ago.

I can’t resist reminding everyone that May is coming right up-yet another anniversary! Nine years!

My next novel is finished and now in the editing stages before an expected fall release. The title, The Tipping Point, refers to events and watershed moments of decision which redirect someone’s life. Everyone has these tipping points to varying degrees.

Watch for more information on this exciting new Detective Parker Havenot novel as it proceeds through the pipeline toward publication.

I’ll try to more regular in posting from now on. I’ll admit to being a little discouraged after the “tipping point” event mentioned in the last post about the Stacey Burns case.


2 Responses to A Tipping Point

  • Van says:

    You are so right about everyone having a tipping point sometime in their life. I’m glad you are around to write about characters who experience these. Good Luck with your new book. Look forward to reading it just like I did with all the others!

  • jim vittum says:

    Duke, we never got into the “abuse” issue that hangs over this case. I have to believe there are some people close to Stacey that are relieved you have closed the discussion. I’ll never forget Stacey’s moms reaction the day she learned (from Ed in court) that her kids had been sexually abused by a family member. Oh I have shame, we all do, and when there is a dead body in the family, it’s likely to surface.

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