As you may have noticed, for the last few entries, this blog has alternated between A Favor Return (New Edition) and

Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. Toay, we return to the Stacey Burns murer case.

Here are the names of two more people for whom I have just two questions. My last request of Ed Burns, Michael Brabant and Jim Vittum resulted in one response so far. (Not surprisingly, Jim Vittum is willing to answer my questions.)

I’d love to speak with Michael Burns and Ed Burns’ mother (Nana B.) I’ve been told that the Keane family would rather I not speak with any of the Burns children and I’ve gone out of my way to honor that request. However, Michael is of age and can make that decision on his own now, I would think.

Please be aware that anyone can respond to this blog. It is free and is intended to elicit responses.

Also, please visit the redesigned website ( for more information on this blog and many other things as well.

Look forward to hearing from you, Michael and “Nana B.”