A previous post mentioned these but the point may bear repeating.

A favorite detective character (fictional) believes the three things in the title of this piece account for all murders. I would add that they  probably account for most other crimes as well. Of course, there may be some subheadings. For example, sex would certainly include jealousy and infidelity. Greed could stand by itself but everyone knows that craziness can include a wide spectrum of mental issues, such as paranoia, psychosis, and other aberrations of the human personality.

Why am I mentioning these again? I was wondering, as another New Year celebration has come and gone without a resolution, which of these might be at least part of the motive in the murder of Stacey Burns. At least one person out there knows.

So, Mr. or Ms. Brave Killer, why not step forward and tell us why you would take the life of a beautiful, vital, and loving young woman?The police are just waiting for you to confess. Hope you have a guilt ridden miserable New Year!