Most conspiracy theories are disproved by one thing-facts. Think of any conspiracy, whether it be national or international, such as a presidential assassination, a “rigged” election,or a Benghazi cover-up, or a local story, like two murders occurring over a short period of time in a small town.  Now think  how the propagation of these theories could be stopped. The solution might be simplistic but it is true. Those in authority have only to supply the facts in the case.

A contributor to this blog sent a response to my most recent post concerning the murder cases of Stacey Burns and Bobbie Miller. The questions raised in that response about the possible connections between these two murders seem legitimate. One wonders if the investigators have examined these possibilities? All it would take to put this conspiracy to rest would be a few facts that dispute it. If these facts are not supplied, then the general public can only guess if there is any truth to the theory.

I’m amazed that the patience of the community of Wolfeboro has not finally run out. If the authorities are unhappy over the theories being bandied about by the  “uninformed” citizenry, then squelch them by supplying facts that disprove them. I’m sorry, but the “ongoing investigation” excuse for not making any factual information public wears thin over seven years.

Too many people have been hurt by speculation, innuendo, rumor, and unsubstantiated claims. Tell the families, friends, and the community what you know and what you do not know about these two murders. If the release of this information “jeopardizes the investigation” then so be it. The public perception is that nothing is happening anyway so what difference would it make?  Who knows if this perception is correct, but there surely hasn’t been anything to refute it that I’m aware of.