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Agent for Justice-New Edition

NM/AZ Book Awards

Agent for Justice (2nd edition) just named as a finalist in two fiction categories in the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. Last year, A Favor Returned was a finalist. (didn’t win(-:)

Winners will be announced on November 21 at the annual banquet in Albuquerque, NM.

This makes my work on the Agent for Justice sequel even more important!

Feeling good right now . . .

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No, this is not about the demented killer of Stacey Burns.

A professional editor of my acquaintance suggested that my blog has been unbalanced. Approximately nine out ten posts have addressed my work on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. As regular readers know, the first draft of this book is written except for the “Arrest/Trial/Conviction” chapters. The first few chapters have even gone through a second and third draft and are fairly polished. As regular readers also know, the time, effort, and money spent on this project have so far… Continue reading

No Reviews!

Thus far, the second edition of Agent for Justice has not been reviewed on Amazon- hey- one star is better than no stars!


Agent for Justice-Book Review

“Agent for Justice”

By Duke SouthardSouthard mock-3 (1)

418 pages

Wheatmark Publishing

This compelling suspense novel by a local author revolves around a young, gifted and idealistic educator who collides with the real world of imperfection and inequity.

Brad and his wife, Josie, met and married when they were new teachers in the early ’60s in Hampton Village, Conn. On Friday afternoons, they would socialize with their colleagues at the local pub. After a drink or two, Brad would occasionally go off on a rant about something he considered unjust, such as the death of their colleague Tyler in Vietnam or the… Continue reading

Agent for Justice, Second Edition

I am currently on a trip to the East Coast and am not keeping up with my posts on this blog but appreciate everyone’s patience with me.

First of all, my offer remains on the table: Would ANYONE care to tell me his/her story about the Stacey Burns murder? My contact info is in a previous post on this blog. July 25 in New Hampshire, I will be available should you care to talk with me.

Second, the second edition of Agent for Justice is available on Amazon.com in paper back and e-book editions. Should you have… Continue reading

Andrew Greeley’s Radio Show

On July 5, 2014, I will be Andrew Greeley’s guest on his program “On The Bookshelf” on KVOI-AM (1030 on the dial) from 5-6 p.m. If you are in the Tucson vicinity and have the time, why not tune in? We will be discussing all of my books and works in progress. If you cannot listen (it is, after all, during the dinner hour on a Saturday evening) take a look at KVOI’s website and you can listen to the interview any time. Here is a link to information about my books at Wheatmark.  http://www.wheatmark.com/catalog/entry/Agent-for-Justice.

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Agent for Justice-LIVE

In the couple of days, the second edition of Agent for Justice will go live as an e-book on Amazon.

Some of my readers have asked me why a “second edition?” The answer is quite simple. The first edition, a hard cover version, is out of print. The only copies of it that are available are in several cartons stored in my garage. There are some folks who have read either A Favor Returned or The Week from Heaven and Hell and are now interested in any other books I’ve written. Therefore, it made sense to make Agent for… Continue reading

Agent for Justice-Update

The second edition of Agent for Justice is now available in paperback from Amazon and soon to be available as a Kindle e-book.

Exciting to see the new design, both interior and exterior, and, of course, the great story! (-:

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Proof submitted!

As of yesterday afternoon, the author’s proof of the new edition of Agent for Justice was submitted to the publisher. After the corrections in the proof are incorporated into the manuscript, it will be sent to me for one more examination before it goes to publication, which may be as soon as the fourth week of June.Southard mock-3 (1)I’ll keep you posted (so to speak(-:) but I really like the new interior and exterior design and, of course, the content of the novel!


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