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Agent for Justice-New Edition

Author’s proof

Received the author’s proof of the new edition of Agent for Justice on Tuesday and have been working on it ever since, as has my second reader, my perfect (and very patient) wife, Barbara. With any luck, we’ll get the approval copy to the publisher by next week so there is a chance the new edition will be out by the end of June! I am excited about it!  Duke

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Picking a cover- What fun!

This past week, Wheatmark Publishers submitted three possible choices for the front jacket of the new version of Agent for Justice, all of them quite good. The decision was a difficult one because, as you all know, readers choosing a book obviously look at the cover first. On my next post about this book, I’ll provide a preview of that cover.

The prospect of having my second novel available in paperback and e-book format is also very exciting. Watch for content previews coming up as well and thanks to everyone who has offered support for this project.



Agent for Justice

I think of the irony of the title (Agent for Justice) of my second novel often because the character of Brad Wallace could be just what the Stacey Burns murder case needs. Brad sees so much injustice in the world in general and in his life in particular that he decides to undertake the role of a righter of wrongs, a Don Quixote jousting with the windmills of indifference and apathy. In the process, he sinks deeper and deeper into a dangerous sociopathic rut, alienating his family and closest friends.

Now, with the paperback/e-book versions of … Continue reading

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