On December 12, my post on this blog mentioned the resurrected possibility (by an anonymous caller) that the killer of Stacey Burns was a woman. It also mentioned that the investigation was not at a standstill; in fact,  it is an active investigation as evidenced by the fact that this anonymous caller had spoken with the police just over three months ago.

The point of that post was to ask if either of these possibilities could be corroborated by anyone else who is following this case. Thus far, and not surprisingly, I have heard nothing. Perhaps the revelation that the police are continuing to actively work on this case would jeopardize their strategy to flush out this killer. One can only hope that is what is happening. A top-secret, in-depth, on-going investigation would be wonderful. An arrest, or even some indication of progress, would define a happy new year for many people, especially family and friends of Stacey Burns.

By the way, so far I’ve received no answer to my inquiry of Governor Hassan’s office regarding progress on the case but it has only been three weeks since that inquiry was sent. Will keep you informed!

In the meantime, I wish everyone a peaceful, happy, and healthy 2015!