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Catch 22?

For those wondering about the status of investigation into the tip i submitted to the NHSP in early May . . .

Of the seven people I thought would be interviewed based on that information, I can only confirm that three have been spoken to by police. One
additional “peripheral” person outside of the seven was interviewed based on info given by one of those three.
I do get regular reminders from various sources that I don’t know how real police investigations work. I’m just an ordinary citizen and perhaps I should wait and see what happens. I’ll confess to being a bit leery of upsetting the process the police claim they are following by being more aggressive with the folks mentioned in the infamous tip. I do not want to be blamed for alerting a possible “person of interest” before the police are ready for them to be alerted.
It is the familiar Catch 22. I feel as if I should be doing more, but by doing more, I might interfere with the police doing the investigation.

I feel the frustration way out here in torrid Arizona. I can’t imagine the frustration of Stacey’s friends and family who are faced with memories every day.

Almost three months into the ninth year since she was murdered . . .


5 Responses to Catch 22?

  • Jim Vittum says:

    I don’t know how “real” police investigations work either, but I do know that once Stacey’s name appeared on the cold case list, it was OVER. Stacey’s killer got away with it. IT’S OVER. Congratulations to the investigators for never being held accountable and congratulations to Ed.

    • Wayne says:

      Tommy, don’t you mean Shane? In fiction at least you do get your perceived revenge (justice?). Apparently though Alex is still free to roam the country murdering for hire behind that big rig of terror. Only thing scarier than that is if the actual killer wore a badge. Imagine the free rein that badge would give him/her? The ability to stage a murder scene; run surveillance patiently waiting for the best opportunity to strike; and be invited into a victims house openly carrying the weapon that would end their life. But a character like that would likely have a history of bold criminal activity; likely be an addict and probably drug dealing on the side. There would be other signs too including major drug busts and people in power covering up these “indiscretions”. Of course this is Pleasantville where foreign presidents vacation and potential U.S. presidents reside. Nothing like that could ever happen there. A murdering trucker for hire though, totally believable. Just hold off on the hunting accident. The fat lady hasn’t sung just yet!

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