For those wondering about the status of investigation into the tip i submitted to the NHSP in early May . . .

Of the seven people I thought would be interviewed based on that information, I can only confirm that three have been spoken to by police. One
additional “peripheral” person outside of the seven was interviewed based on info given by one of those three.
I do get regular reminders from various sources that I don’t know how real police investigations work. I’m just an ordinary citizen and perhaps I should wait and see what happens. I’ll confess to being a bit leery of upsetting the process the police claim they are following by being more aggressive with the folks mentioned in the infamous tip. I do not want to be blamed for alerting a possible “person of interest” before the police are ready for them to be alerted.
It is the familiar Catch 22. I feel as if I should be doing more, but by doing more, I might interfere with the police doing the investigation.

I feel the frustration way out here in torrid Arizona. I can’t imagine the frustration of Stacey’s friends and family who are faced with memories every day.

Almost three months into the ninth year since she was murdered . . .