A long time friend ( now a former friend for fifteen years or so) once said this to me in a letter. “You just don’t get it, do you?” It doesn’t matter any more what he was referencing in that comment but he was right. I didn’t get it. In no particular order, here are just a few things about the Stacy Burns murder case which I also “don’t get.”

1. Why isn’t there some demand for a regular New Hampshire State Police update on the progress of this investigation? Logically, if the case is open and ongoing, as we’ve been told, then there must be something being done. What would be the harm in telling the public what is happening? I just don’t get it!

2. Why hasn’t a statement been made to stifle some of the rumors and speculation? How hard would it be to say a particular person is not a suspect if he/she has indeed been cleared? How hard would it be to say that the arrest and conviction of a former Wolfeboro Police Commissioner for drug trafficking in Illinois had nothing to do with this murder case? How hard would it be to say a grand jury did not feel there was sufficient evidence to indict someone for this murder? I just don’t get it.

3. Why isn’t there a media presence camped out on the doorstep on the New Hampshire Attorney  General’s office, keeping this case alive for the general public, even sporadically? (And I don’t mean just on the anniversary of Stacey’s death.) I just don’t get it.

4. Why have at least a few people, central to the life of Stacey Burns, not been re-interviewed by the detectives who are still working on the case? I am aware that there might even be a few who have never been interviewed. (Well, at least one . . .) I just don’t get it.

Just few of “I just don’t get it” questions. Feel free to add your own if there are things about this case and this investigation that you don’t get!