Here is a challenge to anyone who cares to respond. From several sources, I’ve heard that I am not able to be objective in trying to tell the truth about the murder of Stacey Burns. Further, those sources say that my mind is made up as to who committed this (you find your own adjective- I’ve run out of them) crime and anything I write is directed toward that end. Here is the challenge in two parts: 1) If you have an opinion, express it to me. I can take it, honestly!

2. As expressed in previous blogs, I DO NOT KNOW who killed Stacey Burns. If I did know and had incontrovertible evidence, I’d be in the police station in a heartbeat.

My problem is that I know as sure as I am writing this at this moment, the real killer is known. Someone (not me for folks tell me that I am not a reliable  participant) has to step forward. I don’t care if it is a citizen, a local policeman, a NH State Police detective, a NH Attorney General’s Office prosecutor, a friend (male or female) of Stacey’s, a family member, an airline pilot, or any of many other categories, someone KNOWS! It is not speculative; it is not guess work; it is not wondering; someone knows.

To anyone who cares, I am truly ready to give up the quest for the truth, simply because I care. I did not know Stacey Burns in real life. I do know her through the voices of those who claim to want her killer brought into a court of law and sent to prison or perhaps put to death.

As far as those who feel I can’t be objective, here is something to consider. Ask Jim Vittum if he thinks I am on his side and trying to slant the story in his favor. You may be surprised at the answer. I’m a writer. If I am writing non-fiction, trust that it is indeed non-fiction. If I make anything up, it is NOT non-fiction. I’m not inventing anything.