My writing environment includes a shelf directly in front of my eyes so that whenever I look up I am admonished by a half dozen or so clever and supposedly inspirational sayings staring back at me. One has been on my mind lately as I struggle with the lack of answers coming forth from questions I’ve raised about the Stacy Burns murder over the last three and half years.

Here is the unattributed quotation: “You can’t get the right answers if you’re asking the wrong questions.”

Perhaps this is my problem. Then again, maybe it isn’t the problem. What if the questions are the right ones but the answers to those questions would create problems for certain individuals, especially individuals who would rather the whole Stacey Burns case disappear. We all know there is at least one individual who would like to see the case vanish. However, beside the killer, I truly believe there are others who would like to be looking at this case in their rear view mirror, and not the mirror where objects are closer than they appear.

Just maybe a trial would bring out information which some folks would rather not see opened up for public scrutiny?

On the other hand, I may have been asking the wrong questions all along. I just know that almost a month after the fifth anniversary of Stacey’s death, the silence continues to be deafening.