This is a change of pace post. The Stacey Burns project has taken up most of my posts over the last couple of years and I’ve heard from some folks that maybe I should throw in a change of pace once in a while.

Yesterday, while on an extended East Coast trip for our grandson’s wedding, I spent much of the day working on my fourth novel, Cracks in the Wall. When I started the day, I was on page 118, about 34,000 words along. I brought along a couple of pages of comments about the work from my Green Valley Writers Group, comprised of talented people who regularly keep me on track. Many of their comments and criticisms have already been incorporated (or dismissed if I didn’t agree(-:) but I thought I should revisit those ideas again before proceeding. The result? As I begin work today, I’m writing page 119 but the writing in the previous 118 is tighter, a few sequential and detail errors are corrected, and the narrative flows much smoother.

Thank you, Green Valley Writers!