A Favor Returned - Duke SouthardHere is another question regarding the Stacey Burns murder raised by an attendee at my “Murder in  a Small Town” program in August. Remember, most of the forty or so people attending knew nothing about this murder case, although a few recalled a feature article about my work on the book project in the local newspaper over two years ago.

(Once again, paraphrasing since I did not record the exact question) Isn’t the community up in arms about the lack of an arrest in this murder? The questioner followed up by asking about the mindset of the people of the area since a killer still walks among them.

My answer? Yes, there are still people in the community who are incensed that the killer has not been arrested. As far as the mindset, there is an element of fear in the community. I’ve spoken with many people regarding this. However, this anger and fear have not had the desired effect on those in a position to do something about bringing in this psychopathic murderer. Quite naturally, human nature being what it is, the “up in arms” mode of the community in September of 2015 is not anywhere close to the same intensity as that mode was in May of 2009.

The passage of time supposedly heals wounds but I contend that all time does is allow a scab to form over the wound. Everyone knows what happens when a scab is picked off a healing wound, but maybe scraping off the scab from the loss of Stacey Burns would once again move the community back into the “up in arms” mode, where it should be.

I thought the question was a good one. What do you think?