As I reread my posts, I realize that one could become depressed as they always seem so serious. Let’s take a break today!

This photo of a purchase we made a short while after my seventy-fifth birthday (with my wife, Barbara’s, complete and unequivocal blessing) might just show the lengths that a man will go in the vain attempt to stay young.

dukesmotorcycleThis is a 2003 Honda Silver Wing. It is six times the cc’s of my first motorcycle and weighs about six times as much as well. In the first week of my ownership, this vehicle had been up and down my driveway countless times before I ventured out into the cul de sac across from our house. After subjecting the neighbors living on said cul de sac to an untold number of “drive-bys”  I made numerous incursions into the HOA, always with extreme trepidation that I might meet another motorized vehicle that could pass within fifty feet of me.

Today, I rode my motorcycle (aka extreme scooter) into the downtown area of Green Valley, Arizona, an area filled with drivers who can make your insurance rates skyrocket in a heartbeat.

Since I am writing this, I obviously survived that trip.  My next goal is to travel more than five miles from home, a trip which will include a (OH, NO!) three mile stint on Interstate 19, where the speed limit of 65 mph is the subject of guffaws for the drivers of most vehicles passing through.

More on that trip later: in the meantime, prayers may be in order.