Stacey Burns was killed in brutal, bordering on sadistic, fashion in a small town where there supposedly are no secrets. So why hasn’t this killer been put away four years and eight months after he/she committed this crime? In my one-side “investigation” into this crime, I have no answer to that question. I say one-sided simply because key players in this drama have chosen not to participate or to tell their side to me. (Their choice and I have no quarrel with that unless they criticize what I’ve done without their input after the fact)

Why does the perpetrator of this heinous crime continue to walk the streets?

This may be an oversimplification and naiveté on my part, as I’m certain the police will say but here it goes anyway.

The killer of Stacey Burns has not been arrested for one or more of the following reasons:

1. The police do not have a murder weapon. (A sure defense lawyer’s tool)

2. The police found an as yet unexplained DNA sample in the house. (A defense lawyer’s joy)

3. The case (as explained to me) has only an 85% chance of conviction. (A prosecutor’s nightmare)

4. Something unintentional happened to key evidence early on in the investigation. (another defense attorney’s joy)

5. The evidence to convict is simply not there. (Jeff Strelzin’s explanation)

6. The killer could walk free without a conviction. (The double jeopardy reasoning for not prosecuting)

7. A trial would be an embarrassment for someone. (Can’t tarnish any good names, especially anyone in authority)

8. Losing the case would be a political disaster for someone. (Many candidates for this one)

9. The investigators made mistakes early, mistakes which would jeopardize the case in court. (No one likes to admit to mistakes)

You are welcome to add to this list. For now, you figure it out.  Stacey Burns awaits your decision.