First, I offer my apologies for allowing a week to pass since my last blog. While traveling, it is sometime difficult to keep up.

These blogs began in early June, 2012, soon after I returned from the “Stacey Burns Walk” in Concord, New Hampshire. In one of the first blogs, I provided my reasons for writing a book about the murder of Stacey Burns. Apparently, I need to remind those who are interested as a recent response indicated that my motives may be forgotten.

Since my retirement from thirty five years of teaching, I have been writing. Writing has become my second career. So, the story of Stacey Burns intrigued me as a writer, especially since my forty years in the area placed me in contact with so many of the principals in the story. Therefore, I am attempting to do what writers do; that is, we write. I have no agenda; I do not pretend to know who Stacey’s killer is; I am not an “investigative reporter” with press credentials; I have been candid with anyone I interviewed about why I was doing this; I care about justice for this poor woman and her family and friends; finally, I have repeatly and publicly said that any profits from this book, should it ever be published, would go to the foundation for the Burns children.

I still await word from anyone who would be willing to speak with me  about the Burns casein mid-May when I will be in New Hampshire.