Apparently, the author of the document containing fifteen pages of questions/comments for investigators of the Stacey Burns murder case has received responses from some state offices, indicating they have forwarded said document to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office. Is Jeff Strelzin still the lead prosecutor for this case?

Might we hope that this will “light the fire” for more resources to be directed toward closing this case? Will the fact that the new senator, Maggie Hassan, forwarded it to “appropriate agencies” bring about some change?

As we wait to see, here are a couple of other areas mentioned in that document. Were cell phones and computers collected and inspected from ALL possible people with a connection to Stacey just prior to her murder? Did forensics experts thoroughly check every conceivable item in her bedroom and the house? (This seems so obvious to me but the author does mention many items that I would never have thought about.)

Countdown to the eighth anniversary=74 days. Will there be a resolution by then?