A comment from a reader of my blog raised this question, based on what I have learned from my research and interviews for Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. It is a valid question but has no answer YET. Here is my response to the question at this time.

“I was asked the same question by the GSN reporter. My answer? (And it will sound like a copout) I could lay out scenarios for at least four different people to have killed Stacey Burns and all of them would be plausible for motive, means and opportunity. It would not require my novelist’s imagination to do so. Without access to the police reports, autopsy report, and personal interviews with several key people, I would not name “my killer” at this time. Placing a name in print would surely result in a libel case and uttering a name in a public setting would just as surely result in a slander case and dealing with either at this time would be counter-productive.”