“Brian Strong doesn’t enjoy lying, don’t make him. Stacey’s killer is well known to him and it’s with great disappointment that he will never be brought to justice. Leave them alone and accept it. It happens all the time (over 125 in 30 years) here in N.H. the live free or die state. Stacey just wasn’t ever going to be free “

The above comment may be found in the comments section on my website under my “Still Waiting” post.  I am calling attention to it because someone reading it there may feel it needs further clarification. In fact, I have heard from someone who feels strongly that if it is true that “Stacey’s killer is well known” to Brian Strong, the detective currently working on case, it would seem that further clarification of the statement would be appropriate.  For example, why will “he never be brought to justice”  or why should anyone “leave them alone and accept it.”

I agree that the 125 in 30 years is not a good indication of homicide case resolutions in the state and am wondering if that should be accepted as well.