Some folks have wondered if, when I stopped writing on this blog about the murder of Stacey Burns, I had lost interest. Those who know me are aware that this is not the case. In fact, as recently as April, I had a conversation with the detective currently working on the case about tips I had sent to the New Hampshire State Police.

I’ve experienced the same frustration many of you have with the lack of an arrest or the lack of any information telling of progress on the case.

I’ll admit to making a few mistakes when I thought about the concept of writing a book about this case and donating proceeds from its publication to the Burns’ children. It surely seemed like a good idea at the time. My mistakes? First, I expected information would flow freely simply by my requesting it. Second, I thought everyone would be receptive to the concept, the notion that maybe the truth could be told in this format. Third, I overrated my ability to convince some key people in the narrative to come on board and help me tell the story.

To those who have been disappointed in my efforts, I would say I did the best I could.

I remain hopeful that something new will be discovered and that the guilty person will be caught.

I also remain committed to sharing new information here in this format if people are will to give it to me.

That’s where I’ve been on the Stacey Burns murder case, now over eleven years old!