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When Truth Isn’t The Truth

To my readers:  Apologies for the brief hiatus- Wonderful time with grandchildren intervened. . . .

Here’s a quote from my draft version of Murder in a Small Town: The  Tragic Death of Stacey Burns.”

As absurd as it may be, the fact is that the truth of what happened during Stacey Burns’s final thirty-six hours is elusive. . . .(Unnamed source) captured the ongoing dilemma of trying to sort out the truth when she said that she only knows her truth, admitting that others no doubt have their own version of the truth.”

I remembered this quote when I heard Rudy Giuliani mention in an interview that the “truth isn’t the truth.” For him, it appears that if two people have differing versions of the truth, then there is no real truth, only our choice as to whom we might believe.

How convenient this philosophical argument is, but in the end, especially in the Stacey Burns murder case, the argument falls apart. There are facts; there is speculation; there is misinformation; there is pure fantasy.

I’m sorry, Mr. Giuliani, sir, there can be only one truth. To the police investigators working this case, we are told, as an active investigation, there can be only one truth.  When one is quoted by in a newspaper as saying they “know who did it,” can we assume that they have grabbed that elusive one truth?

I’m sorry, Stacey. I wish I held out more hope for that one truth to be found, and for your killer to be put where he or she belongs. (In the tenth year since that awful day!)


3 Responses to When Truth Isn’t The Truth

  • jim says:

    So, did Michael Flynn lie or not ! I can tell you me and Thor did not have a confrontation friday night and any other “truth” is just another lie. And by the way Flynn did not lie, read the ig’s report.

    • jim says:

      Sonya and Jackie both talked to Stacey on Sat. morning, she told them “last night Jim was madder than i have ever seen him”. That was a lie, she didn’t see me friday night. Sonia didn’t know what to believe, she could have called Thor, he was there, but she didn’t. There is only one truth and it is always there for anyone to find, but you must look. Michael Flynn had lost his house, spent over one million on his defense and was watching his son receive the same treatment when he plead to Mueller’s deal. Duke, there IS only one truth, but you must look for it and be willing to except it.

      • jim says:

        one more thing, the Mayor was referencing the press saying ” Flynn plead guilty therefore he must be guilty, NOT !!! as we have found, those willing to look, he didn’t lie at all, just saved his family from bankruptcy.

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