At the risk of being chastised for repeating myself once too often, I’ll do it anyway.

In numerous posts about the Stacey Burns murder case, I mentioned my bewilderment at the hesitancy of the police to speak with me. Notice, I did not say provide me with any information about the case. We all know that they are working at a feverish pitch to solve it and that it remains open and active; therefore, they cannot give the media ( a group I apparently am part of, in their eyes) any details or even generalities about the case.

My wonder comes from the fact that in the absence of new information, one would think they might just take the time to see what I have. Maybe I asked some questions a different way, eliciting a different response. Maybe someone provided me with a detail that was not provided to the police. Maybe I have a different take on some of the people who have granted me interviews. It is possible, even if unlikely, that I know something that is new.

I realize that I am not a trained police investigator nor a trained interrogator, but with the case approaching the five year mark, would there be any harm is hearing what I have to say? Just wondering . . .