One of my correspondents asked me to release the name of a woman named to me in interviews as a possible suspect in the Stacey Burns murder case. After all, Jim Vittum’s name, along with others, has been bandied about in this blog so what’s fair is fair. Well, in my humble opinion, this would be irresponsible simply because so far the information is purely hearsay and would just add another name to the list of speculative suspects.

Here is what is not fair.

  1. The handling of the name of Jim Vittum in public and private by people in authority. Over seven years without any substantive charges being filed have devastated the Vittum family. If the evidence is there, make the arrest. If not, or if the case is leaning in another direction, make that knowledge public so this family might have some peace. After seven years, it is probably too late for that anyway.
  2. The fact that the family and friends of Stacey Burns and the community of Wolfeboro as a whole have been denied information that would as least eliminate some of the “speculative suspects” mentioned above. My interviews alone have had four women “suspects” named as possibilities. If Ed Burns is not a suspect, make that announcement. Again in my humble opinion, and I’ve mentioned this before, the silence has not done the community nor those under some cloud of suspicion any good whatsoever. Duke