Agent for Justice - Duke SouthardA Favor Returned - Duke Southard While doing a book signing/program at a Borders Book Store in Nashua, New Hampshire shortly after the original version of A Favor Returned was released in May, 2000, I was asked a question concerning my decision to begin writing at my age. (I was sixty at the time.) I recall the question made me wonder about “catching up” and it also made me wonder if I was kidding myself.  Would a publisher want to take a chance on an “older” writer whose future output may be in question? The answer to these doubts came in the form of advice from a well-known writer who told me that I should “write a book you can be proud of, no matter where it goes.” That advice applies to any age, I would think.

The age factor does, however, become an integral part of the decision to self-publish rather than wait and hope that a traditional publisher will take a chance on your work. The next blog will examine this issue in more detail.