Here I sit, with approximately 150+ pages of manuscript and more than 150 pages of notes and messages not used yet.

Thus far, it is the “Jim Vittum Story” with a few notable exceptions. He is the only one who has been the supplier of information (copious, I might add). Others who originally¬†said I could use their information have since reneged and I am stuck with much content which cannot be used.

Efforts over the last year have resulted in no new information although I’ve received a few theories which are out of the mainstream (but still believable).

So, as Charles Dickens might say, what, my dear readers, do you think?

There are people out there who could clear this case should they choose. I have no idea of their motives for not moving it forward. Personally, I am out of options other than to keep repeating myself in my posts so I leave it up to you.

What would you do with the information I have? The police are clearly not interested. The family is not interested. Is anyone interested? I must say that I am simply not sure anymore.