This a follow-up to the last post in which I wondered what would happen if anyone even remotely involved in the Stacey Burns murder, whether family, friend, acquaintance, community member, or someone who is simply interested in seeing justice done showed up one day asking for an update on the case.

Today, I’m asking the question novelists often use to ignite their inspiration for writing a scene. The question? It’s simple. What if? What if this character said this or did this or didn’t say this or didn’t do this? Sometimes, the answer to the question sends the story in a surprising direction. So, here is my “what if?” question about both the Stacey Burns and the Bobbie Miller murders:

What if a 2019 Mothers’ Day march on Concord of all those mentioned in the first paragraph was organized to meet at the Attorney General’s office to ask Jeff Strelzin and perhaps a NHSP representative for answers about how the investigations into the two murders are proceeding? Might it send the story in a different direction?

It seems a simple question, given that ten years will have passed by that time. Wouldn’t it be nice if that march was cancelled because those murder cases were solved?

Just wondering (again!)