Interesting responses to my post re: 3/31/19 as being the end of this blog as far as post for the Stacey Burns murder case is concerned.

I’ve approved all of them so you can read them should you be interested at

Here is my dilemma: what exactly would you folks have me do?

For eight years and counting, I’ve spent hours (days/weeks) traveling to New Hampshire conducting interviews at my expense as well as untold hours writing my version of the events of that weekend and the horrible crime that took place.

Over six hundred of my  blog posts have dealt with this horrible crime. Over a thousand responses to those posts have been received.

I’ve supplied the NHSP with specific names to contact as outside tips have been offered to me.  (Never a single word of what happened or even if they ever made the simple phone call to check out the “tips” which were offered freely and without coercion of any sort.)

To those who say to keeping working on this, I thank you for the confidence that I could make a difference. The reality is that it is very unlikely I could ever make any sort of difference.

Last Sunday, I spoke to a group of over forty five interested folks in Tucson about this “project” or “work in progress.” That presentation pretty much sums up what I am feeling at this moment.

The murder of Stacey Burns will be solved some day down the road by some advanced DNA technology or maybe something as simple as someone saying “I did it” which the police seem to be hoping will happen.

My “murder book,” now over three inches thick, is available to anyone who thinks it might help. It is an offer made over and over again to those in authority who seem unable to (and I hate this cliché) think outside the box.

My sarcastic congratulations to the killer- you’ve gotten away with this vicious, brutal, and unconscionable crime for almost ten years. Must be fun to laugh at those who are going through the motions to catch you.

Good luck to anyone hoping Stacey’s killer will be found in our lifetime!

Thanks to those who have felt this blog might have  made a difference. It hasn’t!