Recently back from a great trip-drove over 6600 miles round trip to a great family vacation/celebration of our upcoming (September) 60th wedding anniversary in Deep Creek, Maryland and visits to friends in New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Barb’s brother in Connecticut.

A total of twenty-six days on the road with some stops along the way- not bad for a pair of oldsters and our little blind doggie!

None of the following offset the joy of seeing so many people we love and cherish, but we did, of course, run into a few of our pet peeves about automobile travel. For example:

Construction where the crews have no idea how to keep traffic moving (some states do, like making a lane merge WAY ahead of time and/or having a police presence somewhere along the way) Almost every day two hours of sitting still or barely moving were added to the trip.

Accidents- unavoidable, I know, but surely some caused by the next peeve

CRAZY drivers- we are talking erratic, multiple lane changers, cut you off ignoramuses, then add in the motorcyclists going far over the speed limit and weaving in and out of traffic

The tolls along the eastern seaboard states are ridiculous, and there are some major places that will not take cash, (Tappan Zee Bridge in New York, Massachusetts Turnpike, for example) leaving us to be billed by our rental car company which adds a considerable fee in addition to the toll

Wonderful trip and thanks to all we visited along the way!

Duke and Barb