My sincere apologies to those who noticed an error in the last blog. A quote from Jeff Strelzin appeared in a newspaper article about his meeting with the Wolfeboro Police Commission. The newspaper was dated February 17, 2011. I said in the blog that it was twenty two months ago. Actually, his quote regarding the status (“It is not a cold case.”) of the Stacey Burns murder is about thirty-four months old.

I stay with the rest of my observation; that is, the case obviously is in a dormant phase right now.

Next blog on this subject will examine the first of the three classic aspects of a homicide investigations: Motive. Why would anyone want Stacey Burns dead? The other two, means and opportunity, will be subjects for future blogs. Much of the material for these blogs will be drawn from the first draft of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns.