This blog will be brief but it concerns a critical area in the investigation into the murder of Stacey Burns. (Less than four months to the 4th Anniversary)

I wonder why this case has seemingly lost its momentum. Is it because the police have decided that they want to wait until the murderer makes a mistake? Is it because no new information has come forth? Is it because some people just want it to go away? Is it because a trial could be an embarrassment for someone (beside the killer)? Is it because those who know something are afraid to come forward? Is it because any pressure on the police to solve this crime has evolved into a once a year event?

Please add your own questions to these, at least in your mind. I believe there is truth in every one of them.

It just seems to me that if someone cares, than that someone acts or at least takes the initiative in trying to force something to happen. The fear factor should not be a part of the equation. Unfortunately, it appears that in this case, for whatever reason, it is part of the equation.