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Waning Interest?

As I look back at my history of posts about the murder of Stacey Burns, I’m finding a definite pattern in the number of people reading them, and a similar pattern  in the number of comments.

I am hoping and praying that this pattern is the fault of my posts and not the interest in this case. Speaking frankly (and why would I not?) I will admit that it is difficult to say much that is original about this case any more, thus the “revisits” I’ve been posting.

So, is it the natural human tendency to move on, to put such a sad and devastating event behind, that accounts for the decrease in readers and comments or is it the content of the posts?

It would truly be tragic if this case is sliding into the oblivion of terrible memories which have become difficult to reconstruct.

Maybe a tidbit of new information from someone important once in a while would remind us of the incredible loss of such a fine person as Stacey Burns.



2 Responses to Waning Interest?

  • Jayne says:

    I think it’s the realization nobody wants to get involved or become a target for the killer by speaking out! The brutality of her murder by a fellow humnbeing is enough to scarf anyone. Law enforcement knows well the killer, and not to prosecute is cowardly. I never see any posts of replies from family members, why is that??!! If that was my wife:Mother/Aunt/Sister/Cousin,Best friend and asset to the community, I would be on national TV begging for information….why hasn’t this occurred???!! Call David Muir 20/20. Thank you Mr. Southard for your compassion

  • jim vittum says:

    Eddie the knife has struck again! Mike and Judy, will they, now, after nearly 10 years, DO THE RIGHT THING? I f-ing doubt it, cowards, everyone of them. Stab a man in the back? what kind of a man does that? Oh, right, Eddie the knife and Brabants.

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