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Walking Back on Walking Back

Someone very close to me pointed out that I admitted to fibbing to my friends when I was young in the last post. That is very true, but most of us came to the conclusion that lying is not good, whether that realization came at age five, thirteen, or twenty or whatever.  However, we all know some people who never did come to that conclusion.

These are the folks for whom “walking back” becomes a way of life.

Someone once observed, humorously, that he couldn’t be a liar because he didn’t have a good enough memory to remember what he told everyone.

Just for the record, I have the annoying habit of assuming people are telling me the truth. However, I also believe in the age-old philosophy of “Fool me once, shame on thee; fool me twice, shame on me.”

When I said “walking back” is better than “lying,” I really meant it sounds better, but in reality, aren’t they both same thing?

I have no respect for anyone who lies to me, even if they walk it back later.



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