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“Waiting for him to crack”

In a follow-up story to an original article about my attempts to write a book  about the Stacey Burns murder in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire in 2009, the editor of the Green Valley News says this.

“Southard and I have shared theories on the murder, especially after a New Hampshire cold case detective told me in 2013 that they know who did it–they’re just waiting for him to crack. We both think the case will be solved and somebody will go to prison. But, like any good mystery where the ending’s still up for grabs, we don’t agree on who that will be.”  Dan Shearer, Editor, Green Valley News, July 20, 2016.

The murder was in 2009. The original story ran in 2013. The above quoted article ran in 2016. This is 2018. So, are we all still “waiting for him to crack?” Does it seem to anyone else that nine years of waiting for this killer to “crack” seems like a long time?



8 Responses to “Waiting for him to crack”

  • vittum says:

    I believe Dan Shearer killed Stacey Burns and he’s being protected by the great Scott ‘gilly” Gilbert.

    • Time Traveler says:

      Honestly Jim, how can you NOW know the killer was Dan Shearer? The police never know anything, and now you know the identity of the actual killer. Both you and Ed need to give it a rest.

  • Jamie says:

    Gilbert is a loser. I spoke to him after he ran his mouth to Green Valley News. Spineless coward tried to back peddle what he said and lied about his conversation with the editor. If your going to be making comments like he did that could get your ass sued then you better be able to back it up. With evidence.

    • Dan Shearer is the editor of THE Green Valley News. He wrote an article back in 2013 about my attempts to write a book about the Stacey Burns murder case. The article was not supposed to be about the murder per se, but about my efforts to write it. He included some background information he gleaned from conversations with the New Hampshire State Police, who would speak to him but not to me. Jim’s comment is meant as tongue in cheek since Scott Gilbert is the NHSP source Dan Spoke with.
      The point of my post was to emphasize the amount of time which has passed since the original article with nothing of substance having happened yet, at least as far as I can see.

  • Jack Donovan says:

    Thank You , Duke for clarifying that , I have been following this , had a telephone conversation June 2017 with Jim V , and as I have stated a few times , if anybody has a thread of evidence, to help solve this tragedy , they need to come forward, for the sake of the Children & Loved ones , who lost Stacey.

  • Clarence Darrow says:

    Jimmy changed his tune… Duke, Don’t lose your focus on the “key club” members. Jimmy is just way too certain it was Eddie. MENS REA! His explanation of his blood under Stacey’s fingernails gives everyone the creeps. Eddie’s current case was self-defense as were all of the incidents in Eddie’s past. I know because I was there for several of them! Clearly Eddie and Jimmy are sworn enemies but that may be a distraction the real killer is relying on. Why would the police tell a potential suspect the extent of Stacey’s injuries? That would have been kept ABSOLUTELY SECRET, something only the killer could have known. I’m not sure if it’s public knowledge and I’m not going to disclose it, though Eddie told me. Critically, this evidence points to a woman! So the best thing is for both Jimmy and Eddie to quit accusing one another and for everyone to start looking for the real killer. The forensic evidence of Jimmy’s blood under Stacey’s fingernails, still, is extremely disturbing. And watch the 20/20 interview where Jimmy says, “I went over to k…pin her down” in reference to why he was jealous of Stacey’s new BF. So… if Jimmy shuts up, we’ll stop watching that episode. (Part III 4min-48sec) > “I was disappointed AT Stacey and I had to k…pin her down, right now.”

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