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“Waiting for him to crack”

In a follow-up story to an original article about my attempts to write a book  about the Stacey Burns murder in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire in 2009, the editor of the Green Valley News says this.

“Southard and I have shared theories on the murder, especially after a New Hampshire cold case detective told me in 2013 that they know who did it–they’re just waiting for him to crack. We both think the case will be solved and somebody will go to prison. But, like any good mystery where the ending’s still up for grabs, we don’t agree on who that will be.”  Dan Shearer, Editor, Green Valley News, July 20, 2016.

The murder was in 2009. The original story ran in 2013. The above quoted article ran in 2016. This is 2018. So, are we all still “waiting for him to crack?” Does it seem to anyone else that nine years of waiting for this killer to “crack” seems like a long time?



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