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Votes Are In!

If anyone reads the comments to the original posts on this blog, you are aware that just a few people responded to my previous question about the murderer of Stacey Burns being arrested before the tenth anniversary of her killing on May 10, 2009.

The few who responded were in agreement. No, the killer will not be arrested by then, although each hoped he/she was wrong.

Also, a couple of people responded about being willing to help organize an anniversary “March for Information” on or around the May date of her murder. I also had this response to a mid-December post which is worth repeating here.

“It will take a village and the village lacks organization, sincere interest, trust, leadership, spokesperson, information, willingness, compassion, high percentage of support, etc.”

The basic question? Is this observer correct in the assessment of the current state of mind in Wolfeboro about Stacey’s murder?

I’m happy to open this space for anyone who would like to get involved in such an effort.


4 Responses to Votes Are In!

  • Bill Fern says:

    How could Jim or Ed plan a perfect murder. Neither one are smart enough. Just doesn’t seem possible.
    Maybe they were in kahoots with each other.
    Weren’t planning on it but ended up both being at the house around the same time….
    But crazy, both controlling stalkers
    Maybe, just maybe.

  • jim says:

    Time has a way. In the case of Stacey Burns time has not been favorable to her memory. I hear things like “she was a whore” and “she got what she deserved”. After the murder I learned fast who my friends were, turns out i only had a scant few. I have also, in time learned who Stacey’s friends are, she too has very few, a neighbor, a roommate, a sister, maybe a kid or two. It’s over! as far as wolfeboro is concerned, and as far as N.H. is concerned, Massachusetts will make him pay and going to hell will cook his goose.


    ~ JIM…….
    N O W. . . YOU are F I N A L L Y MAKING SENSE! N O B O D Y DESERVED what was done to STACEY!!! IT WAS obviously a crime of PASSION which made You & Eddie PRIME SUSPECTS. MOST people would not even think of anyone else being capable of such a crime. STOP!!! PAUSE!!!THINK!!!!!!! It’s obvious that Stacey had many FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS that no longer care or never really cared more than curiosity about her murder. She also had MANY people VINDICTIVE towards her for different reasons. FOR MANY REASONS!!! JEALOUSY was JUST ONE of the REASONS. T H I N K !!! talk

  • vittum says:

    I would put N.H. justice dept in the same category as the federal one. They are dirty, they are cowards and they are going to be remembered in history as “THE” problem. Guys like Strelzin and Mueller will too rot in hell one day next to likes of Eddie the “knife” and his mauma.

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