If anyone reads the comments to the original posts on this blog, you are aware that just a few people responded to my previous question about the murderer of Stacey Burns being arrested before the tenth anniversary of her killing on May 10, 2009.

The few who responded were in agreement. No, the killer will not be arrested by then, although each hoped he/she was wrong.

Also, a couple of people responded about being willing to help organize an anniversary “March for Information” on or around the May date of her murder. I also had this response to a mid-December post which is worth repeating here.

“It will take a village and the village lacks organization, sincere interest, trust, leadership, spokesperson, information, willingness, compassion, high percentage of support, etc.”

The basic question? Is this observer correct in the assessment of the current state of mind in Wolfeboro about Stacey’s murder?

I’m happy to open this space for anyone who would like to get involved in such an effort.