What follows is an email received from a follower of this blog, used with permission. It explains what the NHSP say they are doing in the Stacey Burns murder case and other so-called cold cases. It also explains why I have not and evidently will not receive any response about the status of information I submitted (the “urgent tip”)to the NHSP Cold Case Unit at the beginning of May. Readers can conclude whether this is positive or negative news. Here is the email:


You may or may not get a response.
You may not get the response you were looking for.
However …I wanted to let you know that there are 2 – dedicated personnel at ‘The Cold Case Unit’
entering All Data (Archive, Current, and Incoming) into their system, daily.
The Urgent Tip information that has been sent to The CCU and The MCU, would have been (current incoming data) entered into The Cold Case Unit’s data base.
That is what these 2 – personnel are all about / dedicated to.
The following response is as sincere as it gets, during an open / active investigation.
All involved with the Stacey Burns investigation (AGs Office, Major Crime Unit, Cold Case Unit) are aware of the Urgent Tip information. Since this matter is open and active, we do not respond back to tipsters with status updates as to what investigative steps are being taken.
New Hampshire State Police
Major Crime Unit / Cold Case Unit
At this point, I am awaiting responses from folks who could tell me if the four major players in my “tip” have been contacted. Obviously, I do not expect any response from the NHSP.
That’s it for now. . .