Here is a brief synopsis of my new novel, Cracks in the Wall, which is in the final stages of design and proofreading before publication. Watch this blog for the upcoming  exact release date.


           Parker Havenot, a former Philadelphia homicide detective, faces one of the most difficult challenges of his stellar career when a rare murder rocks his small town of Hampton Village, Connecticut.

          In what at first seems to be what his colleagues in the Covington County Sheriff’s Department call a “slam-dunk” case, potential suspects multiply as he digs deeper into the vicious stabbing death of a beautiful young mother of three. Parker is left with only circumstantial evidence in      the well-planned and well-executed murder, not enough for a reluctant prosecutor to chance losing the case, adding to the detective’s frustration.

         His investigation uncovers a side of the quiet, rural town that would surprise even the most seasoned detective but those surprises cannot match the final twists in the story.